I’m Currently…

 I’m currently…

I’m currently…last-minute packing for our trip. We’re spending the holidays in New Mexico—hip, hip, hooray! I feel like we’re packing more for the next two weeks than we did for our three-month trip. That’s what we get for traveling in the winter and with an infant who needs more stuff than she did five months ago.

I’m currently…slightly nervous about our upcoming trip. Julia was four months old on her last flight(s) and rocked the plane. Then again, she wasn’t as wiggly back then. Now she’s super curious about everything and very mobile. And of course, we’re flying out before she usually falls asleep for the night, right around the time that we let her roam free around the house to release all of her energy. Oh yes, this plane ride should be interesting.

I’m currently addicted to drinking a delicious “cinnamon roll” coffee from a local coffee shop. It’s filled with cinnamon, vanilla, and hazelnut syrups. YUM.

I’m currently wearing gloves…and I’m in my office. They’re fingerless gloves so I can continue typing. I don’t know why, but the office gets SO cold!!

I’m currently craving a giant bowl of pasta, which is definitely not paleo. I’m also craving “Christmas” (red and green chile) enchiladas; thankfully I’ll get my fill of those in a matter of hours!

I’m currently not worried about eating paleo on this trip. With the exception of a few meals at my favorite restaurants, I think I’ll do okay making substitutions. I love fajitas and taco salads (with no tortilla, cheese, etc), so I just need to be diligent about getting those instead meals smothered in delicious cheese and wrapped in warm, awesome tortillas. I’ve made good progress with paleo so far and I don’t want to ruin it just because I’m going on vacation. We’ll be there for two weeks and if I treat every day as a cheat day then it’ll ruin the hard work I’ve done over the past several months. Then again, I’m not going to deprive myself a sopaipilla the entire time I’m there. It’ll be all about moderation.

I’m currently almost done shopping. We sent the majority of our gifts ahead of time and just have a few things left to buy. Such a relief knowing our shopping is (almost) done! I’ve made a list of the last-minute items we need to buy and where we need to get them from, so hopefully we can avoid becoming those crazy shoppers.

I’m currently crying while watching these holiday homecoming videos. I mean, how could you not cry? I’ll definitely be thinking about my friends who are missing their loved ones this holiday season.

I’m currently all over the internets!

  • I’m giving away a Starbucks gift card and ad space over on Diaries of an Essex Girl
  • I’m giving away a plethora of peach products over at Chambanachik 
  • I wrote a guest post for Scattered Seashells that goes live tomorrow (Saturday)! 
    • and, because today’s the 20th, and because I’m feeling super generous… 
  • Use the code HAPPYmerryJOLLY and score any ad for 20% off—offer ends tomorrow morning when I wake up (*PLEASE NOTE: these ads will start January 1, so I can spend time with my family!)
 I’m currently excited for Christmas!
What are you currently up to?


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