Julia Grace {months eight and nine}

Oh, hi, slacker mom here, just picking up from where I left off a couple months ago. Julia was seven months the last time I did one of these updates…and now she’s nine months. I kinda just skipped over 8 months. It was sort of an accident and sort of on purpose. I didn’t like the pictures I took and had no desire to retake them, and then I had even less desire to edit them. Blah, blah, blah, that’s what happened. I forgot how horrible it is to take pictures in this house. Everything comes out yellow or green—it’s not pretty; I need to relearn how to take pictures.

Anyway, I’m sad I didn’t talk about her during month eight, because it feels like she hit a big growth spurt. She sprouted a tooth, started standing on anything she could pull herself up on, and really started enjoying “real” food—steak’s her favorite. She also loved waking up at 4:30 am; I’m glad we got over that silly phase.

Here are some pics from month 8:

Now that I covered that, we can move onto month nine! We’re back with our letters to her and a quick little survey update:

Dear Julia,
How in the world are you nine months old?! You continue to amaze me. You’re so observant and inquisitive with everything, and you want nothing more than to see the world. When we put you in shopping carts you do everything in your power to turn around so you can see everything.

These days you’re eating like a champ: you LOVE eating pieces of steak and cry at the top of your lungs when we take it away from you. You also like avocado, cheese, sweet potato, chunks of bread, and my hair. If I have even a strand of hair out from its pony tail, you find it and immediately bring it to your mouth.

Standing is your favorite thing, and you’re starting to cruise around your little play area; we’ve caught you—a few times—standing without holding on. It’s only for a second or two, but I get so excited for you and sad at the same time. You’re growing up and I’m not ready for it! On that note, you hit another huge milestone this week: you started taking a bottle from your dad. Up until now, you’ve only taken a bottle from me and you’d only take that bottle at night. For the past nine months we’ve been trying and trying to get you to take one from someone other than me.

 I look into your eyes and I can see that you’re not a little baby anymore; I can’t even handle it. My favorite time of day is at night when I feed you, because we snuggle (okay, I just hold you close to me) and you get all sleepy. I also love it in the morning, because you’re always so excited to see me after you wake up, and if I’m lucky, you give me an adorable kiss. 

Love you, my little sugar plum!
xoxo, mama

Julia Grace, 
Happy nine month birthday!!! This last month has been an awesome blur. I’ve been home more for these last few
months than I have over the last year. That means I get to feed you all sorts of foods three times
a day, you’re even letting me feed you with a bottle! But that’s
not the best part of our day.
Every night after dinner, the two of us watch a little bit of
Jeopardy and then we head off to BATH TIME!!! Every night you get a new bubble-made-hair-do, we read a bubble story
with Elmo or Mickey Mouse, and you even get rained on by the big giant shower
head! Afterwards, I get to bundle you up
in the world’s biggest towel to keep you warm before bed. Basically, it’s the best part of my day.
Other than that, you still keep us all on our toes around
here. You can crawl around the house at
or around 50 miles an hour, and you desperately try to stand up on everything:
me, your mom, Bella, and even the fireplace (that we really need to Julia-proof ASAP). Thankfully we’re really good at following you
around. You’re also turning into a lil brat when we go out to eat. Usually we give
you a chunk of big-people food, but if we don’t or if you drop it, or if we
take it back because we’re leaving, you get a case of
the screeweceppies. Yeah, that’s a combination of
the screamies, weepies, grumpies, and red cheekies. In public. Usually a new piece of food will fix you
right as rain, but for those 10 seconds you turn into a little crazy baby. One of these days your Papa will have to
teach you about tact and volume control. 
Anyways, I love you! 
Your Papa

Nicknames: Poopers, Honey Bear, Sugar Plum, Snickerdoodle,

Likes: speed crawling around the house, eating steak, eating real food, standing, clapping, waving, trying to fly (that’s what I think you must be doing since you flap your arms all the time)!

Dislikes: when we take food away from you, having a poopy diaper 

Milestones: Two teeth, standing almost unassisted, taking a bottle from someone other than your mom!! You also celebrated your first Thanksgiving! Your grandparents came out for the holiday and spent a week hanging out with you. Hooray for fun times!

16 pounds, 5 ounces; 28″ long. You’re now in the 19th percentile for weight (the highest in percentage that you’ve been so far!). You’ve been eating a lot lately, so I’m happy to see your weight gain.

Clothing Size:
6, 6-9, although some of those are still big on you.
Wonderful! You sleep, on average, around 10-11 hours a night. Some nights you wake up a couple times, but you go to bed easily (for the most part). I recently wrote about your sleep saga here.

Random Tidbits:
This has been a fun month, because you’re starting to become a person and not just a baby! I love watching you grow. You get excited when you see me or your dad…like, flapping your arms excited, and that’s just simply amazing to see!

How are Mommy and Daddy Doing?
: We’re good! It’s kinda funny, but now that we’re getting more sleep, we’re actually a little more tired in the morning when we wake up. Your dad’s work schedule has been AMAZING, so it’s been wonderful to have him around all the time. 


  1. This is such a lovely and wonderful thing to do! I must remember to do something similar when I have babies. Julia is absolutely adorable!

  2. Aww she's so cute!! Did you fix the yellow tint in your pictures thing? You should look at the white balance in your camera and adjust accordingly 😉

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