Scarf Swap Link-Up!

Hello, hello! Today’s a happy day. Wanna know why? Because I’m sporting a pretty new scarf around my neck.

My partner in crime, Jess, hit the nail on the head with this one—or should I say, she put the scarf around the neck? Ha! Seriously, though, if a scarf could speak to a person, this one would say, “Hello, I was made for you.” Basically.

It’s not like I needed another scarf for my collection, but I definitely wanted one, especially a bright pink, comfy one. She also sent me nail polish the exact color as the scarf and the cutest little coffee sleeve that looks like a snowman. You’ll see it appear in an upcoming post 🙂 Also, a fashion blogger, I am not. Posing for pictures of me wearing a scarf? Awkward!

Did you have fun with this swap? Hopefully you made a new friend along the way. I have to be honest, shopping for a scarf was a little harder than I thought, mostly because I wanted to buy several for myself. It took everything in me to not keep the one I bought for Jess.

Okay, now it’s your turn to brag about your new swag. Link up your posts below so we can all take a look! And if you’re on Intstagram, #ScarfSwap13 is the hashtag!

Thanks for playing along 🙂 



  1. This is so fun! Love your pictures, you're cracking me up! 🙂 I love doing swaps! Oak & Oats and I just did the Great Christmas exchange for this year! Can't wait for the link up!

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