So Fresh and So Clean!

This holiday cleaning tips post is brought to you by Swiffer® as part of a Type-A Parent Community Sponsored Post.

You know you’re a mom, a blogger, and about to turn 30, when you literally do a happy dance after discovering you’re going to get to try out a cleaning product. Yup, that’s exactly what I did when I found out I’d get to try the Swiffer Bissell SteamBoost. Ask my husband, because it’s a little ridiculous how excited I was; I kept checking the mail, eager for it to come in. In the mean time, I let my floors keep getting dirty…

I know I’ve alluded to this, but we recently decked our halls by getting rid of the seriously outdated and drab carpet and installed laminate “wood” in its place. We are beyond thrilled with the results and love how modern the house looks now. The one and only problem we have with our new floor is that it takes a little more effort to clean it. I have an amazing vacuum (more on that in another post), but once all the bigger pieces of dirt, dog hair, and debris are clear, the laminate is still dirty.

Now that we have a very mobile little girl who spends most of the
time with her hands and bare feet on the floor and with the holidays
around us and visitors coming and going, I needed something to clean up
her smudges and keep it cleaner.

Enter the SteamBoost! This little beauty’s claim to fame is that it’s a steam mop that “deeply penetrates dirt and helps remove messes mops can leave behind.” You fill it with water, attach a Steam Pad, plug it in, and within seconds, it’s ready to go. The special pads have a steam-activated, dirt-dissolving cleaning solution to pull dirt away from the floor and lock it away. Sounds like a win to me! I was more than eager to try it out.

Putting the SteamBoost together was a cinch. The pieces snapped together easily and like that it didn’t take very much water (10 ounces) to fill the canister. Another bonus was that it only takes 30 seconds from the time you plug it in, for it to be good to go. A little light comes on, letting you know that it’s ready, then all you have to do is squeeze the trigger and you can see the steam appear. Using the actual Swiffer was also somewhat easy. It glides along the floor and has a great swivel and range of motion, and I also really liked the fresh scent on the pads—it made my whole kitchen smell so fresh and so clean

Here’s where every part of me
wants to give this two thumbs up and five gold stars, but I have to be
honest: it didn’t completely live up to my expectations. It leaves
streaks on my floor. Does it clean the floor? Yes. But instead of seeing
little hand prints, I now see water streaks over the entire floor after
it dries. On the flip side, I’ll take a few streaks here and there in order to have a clean, hand-print smudge free floor. Plus, using this was so fast and easy that I’ll have more time to do other things—like play with those little adorable hands—instead of cleaning all day.

Oh yeah, and I made a little video for you of me Swiffering. (Everyone cleans with their hands on their hips, right? *Gosh videos are awkward!*)

What are your best cleaning tips?

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