The Santa Experience {aka: Why I’m Mom of the Year}

Basically, I need to be nominated for the 2013 Mom of the Year, because I took my daughter to see Santa not once, not twice, but three times. Go me, right? That’s not where the award comes in. Mom of the Year is because she hated Santa, but yet I kept handing her over to the big scary man with the white beard.The first time with the big man was hilariously sad. It took everything in me to keep taking pictures* through tears of laughter. I’ve gotta say that this Santa was extremely patient and so, so kind. Not that I expected anything less from Mr. Claus.

The second time we saw Santa was actually a fluke. We were shopping at the commissary and turned the corner into a back room and saw him sitting there on a Coca-Cola decked platform, naturally. Julia was in a good mood, so I figured, “Why not?” Heh…I’ll tell you why not, because SHE HATES HIM! My husband tried to hold her back, but I scooped her up out of his arms and gently handed her over to Santa. Big mistake. She did the delayed-reaction cry. You know, the one where the kid makes the most pitifully sad face, but no sound comes out? Yup, that one; only a very shrill scream/cry came out about five seconds later. It was so loud and sad that people from the next room, at the registers, over commented on how much she disliked Santa. Like I said, Mom of the Year.

Third time’s a charm, right? Well, that’s what I thought, at least. Every year on Christmas Eve, Santa visits my aunt and uncle’s house. It’s pretty awesome, really! He had a little too much eggnog on the stop before us, so he was a little bit late (i.e. waaay past her bedtime), but she was still a pretty happy camper, so I figured she’d do better this time around. Things started off good and I almost thought we’d be okay, but then she realized where she was and who was holding her and immediately let us know she was not okay with her surroundings.

And just so you don’t think I’m a horrible mom, I did take pictures of her in a much happier setting this year 🙂


I’m thinking if she meets Santa for a fourth time this year she’ll be okay with him. If not, well, there’s always next year!

*Is it just me or are Santa photos ridiculously overpriced? One place wanted to charge TWENTY BUCKS for a 5×7, and if we wanted to take our own pictures, which we did, they still charged us $10! I understand Santa needs to make a living, but holly jolly, that’s a lot of money! Then again, these are priceless and after I get home I’ll edit them, print them out, and get them into some frames so I can laugh at them for years to come.



  1. I love babies and yours is so so cute! I think it's interesting that some babies love Santa but some hate him! Maybe next year she'll love him, just keep trying 😀

  2. That is hilarious! Although I kinda think Santa pictures are totally overrated. Most kids -especially young ones – hate it so I don't see the point. But some of them do turn out pretty cute! I love the pics you took of her. seriously adorable!!!

  3. You are right — Santa photos are WAY over priced! We managed to find a place this year that did them for $5, but you have to pay for whatever prints you want. Not TOO bad. I only wish we had a Bass Pro Shop around — they are FREE! But her poor little lip, sticking out so far! In a few years she'll hopefully get used to the site of him?!

  4. What's the fun of having kids if you can't "torture" them just a little bit?? =) She's so cute and Ben is still terrified of Santa. This year Abbie was so in awe that she couldn't even talk when she got around him. =)

  5. I love the one of Julia holding the gold ornament. We didn't bother with Santa this year, mostly because I know it takes E some time to warm up to new people so I knew it would be a disaster! Also cuz I'm just not sure about the whole Santa thing. 😉

  6. I love the crying Santa photos. Penny never cries, just looks a bit shocked! Oh well.

    And yes, they ARE overpriced! But dammit, I pay for them.

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