This Week’s Eats {a meal plan}

We’re keeping things relatively simple this week, because we’re going out of town. I’d rather focus my attention on packing for two weeks instead of what’s going on the table. On that note, I know I just started this little series, but I’m putting it on hold until the new year since we’ll be out of town.

Anywho, if you need some meal ideas, here ya go!

On the menu this week:

Sunday: Chicken fajitas with guacamole (to make these paleo we only eat the marinated, grilled chicken and veggies, with guac. You’d be surprised at how good it is “plain.” Should I share what we marinate the meat in and my ridiculously easy recipe for guach? Let me know!)

Monday: Zuppa Toscana (To make this paleo I’m subbing rutabaga for potatoes and a little coconut milk instead of half and half)

Tuesday: Chicken stir fry and egg drop soup (to make these paleo I make cauliflower rice to add with the stir fry)

Wednesday: Spaghetti squash and shrimp (we already changed our minds about this. We’re making this Simple Sauteed Tomato Sauce meal again; I told you we really like it!

Thursday: Steak and eggs (marinated grilled steak with grilled onions and mushrooms, and fried eggs).

What’s cooking in your kitchen this week?


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