Twenty Thirteen: Favorite Posts and Resolutions

I’ve been blogging for nine years and this was the first year I really start thinking about monetizing my blog. It’s my job and my hobby. It’s my jobby. (I probably shouldn’t blog early in the morning when I haven’t had any coffee yet, because I start making up words like jobby. Please forgive me).

I wasn’t sure where advertising would lead, and I was so hesitant to start it, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised. I’ve made so many new friends and the money I’ve made has gone right back into my blog and supporting other bloggers—that’s a win/win in my book.

The thing is, I enjoy this. I wouldn’t still be doing this after a decade if I didn’t like it. My husband also knows how important this jobby means to me, so he scoots me off to cafes in the morning so I can get some “work” done; I’m so thankful for him. Offering advertising’s also made me get back into the swing of being
organized and structured again, which is something I’ve been longing
for. I’m loving everything about what I do now. I’ve gone over this
before, but I’m feeling more and more comfortable with my title as a
work-at-home mom (or an occasional work-at-starbucks-at-home mom).

I’m horrible at keeping resolutions—I love making and crossing off lists, but I never seem to follow through with resolutions. As far as blogging in 2014 goes, I’d love to write more engaging posts. I like the conversation that comes along with writing, and after looking at the past year I can tell that you I enjoy pressing “publish” on those real and heartfelt posts more than other filler topics. I realize I sound like a hypocrite since the last two posts were sponsored, but sometimes that can’t be helped (deadlines, holidays, etc.). What I will promise is that when there is a sponsored post, it’s something I actually want to talk about and would’ve liked to write about anyway; I also promise that I’ll always be honest—if there’s something I didn’t like about the product, I’ll tell you (like in yesterday’s post).

This month I asked my sponsors to reflect on Twenty Thirteen and share their favorite post with you. I didn’t ask for the most commented on or for the post with the most views, but rather their favorite, so I hope you’ll take a look and read what they have to say.

By the way, my favorite post from the past year would have to be the one where I shared what being a first time mom (in those early weeks) is really like.


Hello! I’m Fran, a 20-something grad-student and Army wife. I love all
things chocolate and have a week spot for Nutella. Bibliophile for life
and librarian in training, I power through books like it’s my job—which,
hopefully it will be soon!

“My favorite post from this year would have to be my post about graduating with BA,
it represents something I worked on for so long and it’s the #1 things
I’ll remember from 2013.”

Hi, I’m Callie Glorioso-Mays, a reader/writer, a semi-reluctant SAHM
and a military spouse. My husband, Caleb, and I are currently stationed
in Nebraska along with our son, Hadden. In addition to blogging and
reading, I love baking, Starbucks tea, family walks, traveling, hanging
out with friends and finding new TV shows to binge-watch on Netflix
(please tell me I’m not the only one who does this!!!).
“Favorite post of the year was this one about my son because
it so captures who he was at that age – I get a rush of emotions when I
look back at it.  But I also like this post about feminism and Christianity,
not because it was well-written or spectacular, but because I used my
voice and spoke up about something important to me.  (Isn’t it funny how
your favorite posts are not usually the most popular?”

Hi! I’m Kara. I’m married to a Marine, with 2 kids. We are (unfortunately? against my will?) stationed stateside again after a tour overseas. I tend to blog about life in general with a sprinkling of military, recipes, DIY, and my kids thrown in. 
This is probably my favorite post, and once you’ll read it, you’ll know why.”

World Traveling Military Family
Hi I’m Mrs. B! I’m a military spouse who follows her active duty Air Force husband all over the world; we’ve lived in many great places (Alabama, Iceland, Japan, and currently Germany). We travel with our three awesome kids and our westie. I blog about photography, being a doula, crafting, DIY, cooking, recipes, traveling, pets, and much more! I love being creative and making things, traveling to new locations, meeting new friends along the way, and of course posting about all our adventures! We just arrived to Germany last month and are trying to settled and enjoy what Europe has to offer!

“My favorite post this year was the one announcing that after 444 days apart from hubby’s deployment, he finally arrived home!”
I’m Jess, and I blog over at Being Mrs. Beer. I’m a working wife and mom, trying to find the balance in it all…sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t! I love cooking, backing, DIY-ing when I can, and writing about life and motherhood. 
 “My favorite post is actually a series called the Sleep Chronicles. Here’s the post that started it all, and a link to the whole series.”

Flora Frocks
 {twitter} {instagram} {pinterest}
I’m Meredith Davis. I was born and raised in beautiful Fairhope,
Alabama—home of azaleas, the arts and crafts festival and panini pete’s.
Tuscaloosa, Alabama, was my home while I got my bachelor’s degree in
advertising—my passion! After graduating in may 2013, I now live and
work in Birmingham, Alabama.
by night, I’m a blogger, writer, wannabe food photographer and social
media entrepreneur. I have been blogging for over a decade and started
Foral Frocks in 2011.
 “My favorite post from the past year was Bag Love: Truly, Madly, Deeply.”
What’s your favorite post and goals for the new year?
Want to be featured in next month’s spotlight? 


  1. This is a great group of ladies to feature and I haven't had the pleasure of visiting all their blogs before now! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful New Years and I'm sending you all the luck in the world for your blog and you in 2014!

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