Want, Need, MUST Have! {december}

At this point in the game I really hope you’ve already made your list, checked it twice, and emailed it out to Santa (we both know snail mail won’t make it to the North Pole in time). Just to add more confusion to the party, my sponsors are sharing their must-have, last minute items. Don’t worry, if you want something on here, I have it on good authority that you can still squeeze it on your wish list (Santa still lives a few decades behind us, so if you can get yourself to a FAX machine, you’ll be good to go) 🙂

1. “I need this Searching For Sea Glass bag from Modcloth. I’ve
been using the purse I got for Christmas last year, all year long.
That’s a long time for any woman! I love the color and if you could see
my  house, I’ve got sea glass everywhere that I collected in Okinawa.
It’s fitting.” (Kara from Ramblings of a Marine Wife)

2. “I’m drooling over the new Naked 3 palette from Urban Decay.  I have
the Naked 2 palette and love it, but I love that this one is full of
rosy tones!  Once it’s back in stock I’m totally snatching it up!” (Jess from Being Mrs. Beer)

3. “It is so cold here in Germany, I so need one of these Northface down jackets!  Winter here is NOTHING like winter in Alabama and our
bodies are going into ‘weather shock!'” (Mrs. B from World Traveling Military Family)

4. “It’s been awhile since I dolled myself up with makeup, curls in my
hair, makeup on my face, sexy shoes on my feet—ya know, the whole nine
yards. It’s definitely been a very long time since I’ve worn a fancy
dress. This is one of those dresses that you just want to twirl
around in and I can tell that it would flatter me. So pretty! Maybe next
year I’ll get it so I can wear it more than once.” (Me from here!) 

5.These boots are way out of my price range, but it hasn’t stopped me
from wanting them!! They look cute enough to wear with regular clothes
on a snowy day, but still warm and practical.  Normally I dread the
first snow of the season, but this year we’re going to take my son
sledding for the first time!  Wouldn’t these boots be perfect for an
afternoon on a sledding hill? (Callie from This Glorious Maze)

6. “I’ve been looking for the right ankle boot, and I really love these, but they are just a teensy bit out of my price range. Luckily, I found this much cheaper version. I guess it just depends who’s buying!” (Natalie from Oven Love)

7. “Temperatures are FINALLY starting to cool down here in El Paso, so I have to have my tea. My favorite is Tazo’s Zen Green tea.” (Fran from Freeborboleta)

What are you crushing on this month?
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  1. Love that bag… 🙂 I'm sharing a last minute gift guide on Monday with the scarf swap post… pushing it? Sure, but it's all good!

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