We Need a little Christmas!

Oh, you guys. I have a video for you that will hopefully help you get into the holiday spirit—if you’re not excited already. It’s about 25 years old (shoot, that made me feel old just typing that), when I was about five or six, so pardon the lack of HD quality and excuse my mom’s videotaping skills; this was back in the day with those ginormous video recorders that you had to rest on your shoulder.

I was part of a children’s performance group called Sunshine Generation and we performed all around the city. I started as “sunbeam” when I was little (five, maybe? My mom will know the answer) and stayed in it throughout middle school (right, mom?). This little snippet was too good not to share with you; I don’t know why I haven’t posted it sooner!

A few things to notice: Right away, you’ll see that I’m the only one
prepared; I was clearly very into this performance. You’ll also see what
a little diva I was—even the girls next to me start to notice my
awesome skills. I sometimes get so into the song that you can hear me
above the hundreds of other kids, true story. The girl next to me clearly wants to
be me. There are a couple times that I look genuinely shocked that there
are others there; I must’ve thought I had a solo the entire time.

YouTube video

I hope you enjoyed that. (if it didn’t load for you, click here) If you’re in the mood for more awesome music, I think you should listen to my favorite version of Jingle Bells—it’s like an instant mood booster!


  1. Ok that is awesome. You know what else is awesome? The "your mom" comment above 😛

    Penny saw this and said "Oh! Friends!" So I guess you're buddies now.

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