Five on Friday

You know what’s awesome? Discovering you have an upcoming three-day weekend! Hooray for MLK Day. We’ll be spending the weekend cleaning up our office, because you can barely step foot inside. It’s kind of been the dumping ground for everything we can’t find a place for. In other words, it looks like our move threw up in there…those of you who move often can probably relate.

Anywho, here are some things happening lately:

1. My birthday is one week from today. I didn’t think I cared about turning 30, but now that it’s getting closer, I’m realizing what a huge milestone this is. And now that I realize it, I don’t know how I feel. Actually, scratch that. I feel like answer number five below: a delicious apple pie that has no cinnamon. I LOVE my husband’s apple pie, so just thinking about it makes me happy and excited, but a pie with no cinnamon is so…so…sad. And that is exactly how I feel happy and sad at the same time.

Why my husband rocks: because he
created this awesome survey to help him pick out my gifts/things for
that day.

2. Speaking of birthdays, I’m in denial that Julia is turning one in less than two months. We will celebrate it, of course, but we still don’t have many friends here, so it’ll most likely be low key. I’m really sad about that, to be honest. I want to throw a big pink shindig for her with all of our friends and loved ones around. Oh, the joys of being in the military and being the new kids on the block. I think I may still do some of the fun Pinterest things I’ve found, but just on a much (much) smaller scale.

3. I’ve pinpointed my issue with being a SAHM: I’m an extrovert and I need interaction with people. A light bulb went off yesterday when the highlight of my day was having a conversation with the TJMaxx cashier. I love the opportunity to stay home with Julia, but I get cabin fever pretty often. I practically count down the seconds for my husband to come home each day, just so I can hear what was going on in real life. I’ve joined MOPS and I’m actively searching for more mom groups so we can get out of the house and make more friends. I have a feeling Julia’s going to be a little social butterfly, too, because she lights up when other kids are around, so we both need more social interaction in our lives.

4. Our coffee maker is on the fritz, which is really, really sad.

5. We leave for our cruise one month from today! I should mention that I can’t remember the last time I put my swimsuit on—do I even know where it is?! I looked online yesterday and apparently there’s a nursery on our ship where we can drop Julia off so we can enjoy an evening just the two of us. I’m pretty darn excited for that, especially since we’ll be celebrating our anniversary on board! (p.s. anyone wanna guest post for me while I’m on vacation? Click here for more info!)

Happy (three-day) weekend!


  1. Call me crazy, but I am thoroughly looking forward to turning 30 in a couple years! Maybe I've watched too many episodes of SATC! But I think in your 30s, you really settle into a good life flow, as do the people around you! Life just looks so rich! {Versus the buckwild and crazy stereotypical 20s!}

  2. 30 is great! I think life keeps getting better as I get older personally so I'm kind of excited to see what 40 brings but I've got awhile for that still 🙂

    I'm a SAHM too but my hubby travels M-F so I have to get out or I go nuts. I did MOPs for awhile and it was great. I also found a few mom friends from the swim class I had Callie in for awhile. It gets easier as they get older to get out – especially when they get down to one nap! Hang in there and enjoy the 3-day wknd with the hubby!

  3. I love being a SAHM mom but we don't "stay at home" very often lol. We have activities that we go out to do probably every day of the week so Nora doesn't get bored at home lol. Also, your husband gets major awesome husband points for making that survey for you to fill – that's such an awesome idea.

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