I’m a Sucker for Commercials

I thought TBS (the television station) was supposed to be funny. That’s still it’s claim to fame, right? “Very funny.” Then why in the world are their commercials making me cry?! Okay, not all of them turn me into a sap, but I’ve noticed it enough lately to call it a trend.

Also, it feels like they know I’m a new mom, because their commercials are basically tailored specifically for me (hence, making me cry). Congrats, brands below, you’ve hit your demographic on the head. I literally stop what I’m doing to watch these three below even though I know I’m just going to fall apart during and after. I laugh, I cry; they just tug at my heart. Especially the first one, because lets face it, I act like a complete fool now (always in public, too) just to get a giggle out of my girl. 

Are you a sucker for these commercials, too?


  1. Granted I didn't cry but the first 2 were really sweet. Also, the ATT commercials are currently my favorite ones out there!

  2. There is a Duracell ad with the running back for the Seahawks (who happens to be deaf). It really makes me cry. The scenes where he picks up his hearing aids out of the dirt, and then later taps them to his head- they just hurt to watch.

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