Julia Grace {month 10}

I’m two months away from having a one year old. Someone hold me.

Dear Julia,
I was certain you’d start walking this month. You’ve been so eager to go-go-go, that I just knew you’d take off with those two long, lean legs. But you didn’t. You did, however, start standing. On. Your. Own! The first few times freaked me out (in a very excited way), but then I started getting used to it. Actually, if I’m being honest, I almost cried the first handful of times you stood on your own. You’re growing up faster than I can handle.
We took a pretty big trip this month when we flew back to New Mexico to celebrate Christmas with our family. I was really nervous about flying with you since you’re older now and much more mobile than last time, but we planned things out perfectly and you did fantastic! I’m so incredibly thankful for our breastfeeding relationship since that’s what kept both of us from going crazy on those flights.
Since we were home, you got to hang out with your cousins and grandparents! I’m so sorry we don’t live closer to them. You and your cousin (Hannah) are just two months apart and I’d love to see you become best friends. I’m already excited for you guys to play together again next time we visit. This month your dad and I also went on a date (our first since before you were born) while you stayed at your grandparent’s house. You loved hanging out with so many people, so we’re starting to look for some play groups for you to have more social time.
I have a feeling these next two months are going to fly by, and your first birthday will be here before I know it. It’s a good thing you’ll always be my little baby!
Love you, sweet pea!
Your mama

Dear Gracie,
You scare your papa. 
Let’s start with that.  A month
ago, you were doing all these really cute noises and sounds, and you were
slowly wiggling your tushy down the hall trying to crawl.  Little did I know that you were planning a super-crazy-caper
this month. So there we were:  home for the holidays, and you stand on your own two feet. Then, you decide that literally everything in
existence is now a climbing tree.  And, if that wasn’t enough (it was by the
way), you decided to forgo baby food and focus on eating the real stuff. As a result, your mama and I have had to
re-do the den and make it more you-proof. 
On the plus side, you have remained adorable throughout the
entire holidays. I’m not kidding when I call
you a cutie-patootie, but now I have proof. Everywhere we went last month, someone came
up to you just to let you know how adorable you were, it was pretty amazing.  You also racked up an impressive pile of
presents this year from your grand, and great-grand parents.  I suspect that as you get older (and probably
even cuter), that your piles of loot will increase. 
Happy 2014!  I love

Nicknames: same ol’ same ol’…Poopers, Sweet Pea, Honey Bear, Pumpkin Butt, and about 15 more at any given time

Likes: speed crawling around the house, standing, cruising, yogurt, steak, water, tearing paper (and making a mess), your remote control toy, making the “scrunchy face”!!!

Dislikes: putting you down for a nap (the time change and traveling messed with your sleep patterns)

Milestones: Standing on your own. The first time I saw you do that (stand from a seated position) I flipped out.

No well-baby this month, but I’m thinking 17.5 lbs and possibly around 30 inches?

Clothing Size:
6 and 6-9 months for most everything. You have to wear bigger pants, because you have long legs, but then they’re too big for you in the waist.
Eh. You’ve done better. Traveling messed you up for sleeping through the night and naps. It took a couple days once we got home, but then you got back on track.
Random Tidbits:
You like mimicking people and started making this adorable scrunchy face all the time!
How are Mommy and Daddy Doing?
: Doing good! I think we’re finally finding our groove as parents (which means things will change since I just said that). We got to go out alone for the first time since before you were born and it was so nice. Of course, we were nervous and talked/thought about you pretty much the whole time! 


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