Local Eats: Twang Southern Tastes and Sounds

We don’t eat out often—maybe once a week, usually for lunch on the weekend—but when we do it’s usually at a chain (Ruby Tuesday, Outback, or Cheddars). It’s just been more convenient since we know what we like at those places, and because we thought our town was lacking on those local, mom and pop joints. I still think our options are a bit skimpy here, but in an effort to eat local, we’re going to attempt to find less big name restaurants and more ways to support local places.

To start off our hunt for local restaurants, my husband found Twang Southern Tastes and Sounds a few weeks ago in the newspaper of all places. It looked like it had charm, southern comfort, and good food; all the makings of a great place!

And we were right! Twang is tucked away in Payne City within Macon, Georgia; yes, within! Payne City is a city within a city. Next door was a cute antique store (perfect for browsing after lunch to work off all the food), and there was a small market nearby, too.

Twang had me as soon as we pulled into their gravel parking lot. The brick facade was rustic and modern, and there were chalkboards surrounding the door. Basically, it was love at first sight.

Since I didn’t take pictures of the interior, let me spell it out for you: Imagine a huge industrial building (we’re talking maybe three stories high), with brick to brick walls. There was an open concept second floor, and on the main level were booths, tables, and TV screens—one was a huge projector airing the latest football game. The bar reminded me of an old salon and had local beers on draft (try the Red Hare from Marietta, Georgia, it was pretty tasty).

In full disclosure, I actually took a peek at the menu as we were driving over. It’s so expansive and seriously, everything sounded so delicious, that knew I’d need extra time to make a decision. I waffled (quite literally—they have chicken and waffles that sounded divine) over what to get and finally stuck the landing on trying their fried chicken. Nope, not paleo at all, but I figured if I didn’t eat the crunchy and delicious skin, it’d still be better than some of the other options (like the chicken and waffles, that I’m pretty sure I need to try next time to get them out of my mind). My plate came with two sides, so I got mixed Brunswick stew (for me) and some mac ‘n cheese (for Julia).

Our server made sure to tell me that I wasn’t eating at KFC and that the fried chicken was made from scratch, so it could take a bit. He said this, of course, with an awesome southern accent. I was totally fine with waiting if it meant having good quality food. The chicken was delicious (perfectly cooked, moist, crunchy, and seasoned well), the Brunswick stew was a little on the barbecuey side (a bit twangy, so it lived up to the restaurant’s name), and the mac ‘n cheese was creamy, cheesy, and delicious. I had to quality check it for Julia. She gave it too baby thumbs up.

I’m still jealous over my husband’s meal: an oyster po’ boy. Oh man how I love these. His was GOOD! Great big oysters in a toasted hoogie with a remoulade sauce that had a nice kick to it. He got collards as a side and they were so good I think I “tasted” more of them than he got to eat. I’ll definitely get them as a side if we go back.

They also had (which I didn’t get, because it seemed like a better fit in the summer), a “southern mix,” which had (I think) onions, tomatoes, cucumbers in a balsamic sauce. My mom makes something similar, and if it’s what I’m thinking, it’d be great on a hot day.

After lunch came dessert! We usually pass on the sweets, but my husband practically started drooling when he heard the options. Peach cobbler (that just went in the oven, so we’d have to wait for it to come out), pecan pie, or strawberry shortcake. He went for the latter and it was a very good decision. It turns out I’ve never had a true strawberry shortcake before, because this was amazing! The cake was warm and reminded me of what happens if you’d cross a pound cake with angel food cake. My, oh my. It was scrumptious, especially because it was topped with fresh strawberries. Sorry, no photos for you; we gobbled it up before I could even think about taking a picture. Speaking of pictures…I really hope to document more of our local eats (wherever we are), so I’ll work on my iphonography; I didn’t realize how out of focus and grainy these were!

All in all, we were really pleased with our lunch at Twang. Everything on their menu looked so good that we’ll definitely go back to try out some more dishes. Actually, they have live music on the weekends, so if we can swing it, I’d love to hear some local jams while we have our dinner.

Do you eat at local places often?


  1. We love a lot of the local places in our area — actually much better than the chain restaurants. There is a good mexican place downtown that's our go-to spot any day of the week. But we've just learned there are a few more places newly popping up that we want to try, too!

  2. It doesn't seem like we have too many local places, sadly… though I should probably check harder. I do miss the south, though, for their food. I really miss okra. Really. A Ton. I wish I could get it here 🙁

  3. We eat at local places all the time here. All the chains are SO expensive so we try to avoid them, plus the local food is just better.

  4. I try to eat as local as possible, but living in a suburban area it can be hard. When I lived in DC, I ate in locally owned places all the time. I literally could eat around the world with the cuisine available! But now in WA I'm surrounded by chains. I do like going up to Seattle and finding uniques places though. We also recently found a small BBQ place that is favorite hidden gem in Olympia!

  5. What a fun find, but oh, how this makes me miss GA! I tried some fried chicken up here at a place in my husband's hometown in Indiana and it was . . . not good. We're trying to find more local restaurants around here, too, so hopefully we'll have some fun experiences, too.

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