Want, Need, MUST Have {january}

Well, the holidays are behind us, which is always a little depressing. Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas? My mom called to take stock of my wish lists and see what was still available since my birthday is next week, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover I actually got a lot of things I asked for! Having a birthday a month after Christmas is always exciting, because it means gift giving isn’t quite over. Happy days!

Speaking of materialistic things, I asked my sponsors this month to share something they absolutely must have this month—here’s hoping they don’t have to wait a whole year before they get it! 

1. “I
MUST have a Camera Coat! These are so stinking cute, not to mention the
best idea ever for traveling in countries where it rains on and off all
day long! {Mrs. B from World Traveling Military Family}

2. “My must have item is a little silly and totally practical. I’m a
little embarrassed actually but I really need to get one.  I never
remember when I’m at the store.  I only think if it in the middle of the
night.  I usually get up once or twice to go to the bathroom and our
tile floor is FREEZING cold.  I really need to buy one of those bathroom rugs that has the little cutout for the toilet. That way my feet won’t
get so cold while I’m sitting there.  It’s not a super fun item but I
really, really hate cold feet.  I hate wearing socks to bed even more!
 Maybe now that I’ve shared this with you I’ll remember to buy one!” {Poekitten from Many Waters}

3. “Earlier
this month, I realized a bunch of my friends have Fitbits, and I really
wanted one!  I’ve been looking for ways to get more active in my
everyday life, and I think this will really help…plus I’ll be
competing with people!  I chose a Fitbit Flex and am loving it so far –
if you have one and want to find me, my profile is here.” {Jess from Being Mrs. Beer}

4. “While we were putting away our Christmas tree, I realized how few ornaments we had. We have tons ‘regular’ ornaments, but not those special and personal ones that end up taking over the tree after a few years. I saw this on Pinterest and loved the idea! This company takes a picture of your wedding cake and turns it into an ornament! It’s just adorable and I need it on our tree. {Me from here}

5. “Have y’all been paying attention to the weather in
the Midwest? We’re covered in snow–this displaced southerner SWEARS
we’re stuck in a blizzard. I really want to escape! A little vaycay to
Puerto Rico would really hit the spot! {Belle from Finding my Virginity}

6. “My ‘Want, Need, MUST Have’ is the Sugar n’ Spice apron from FlirtyAprons.com! Now that my baby girl has been born, I am getting back into the kitchen and having fun trying lots of new recipes. I would love to have this apron for my cooking adventures! {Kathryn from Singing Through the Rain}

What are you crushing on this month?
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  1. love my fitbit! And that apron is adroable… i've been thinking of getting one for baking projects with my LO 🙂

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