This Week’s Eats {1.12—1.17}

I told some people (and myself) that I’d have this up by 9 am on Sundays, but I think I need to make that “before noon” instead. On the off chance that the little one sleeps in on the weekends, that means I sleep in, because sleep is basically the best thing in the entire world, especially when she’s not feeling well and wakes up in the middle of the night. Ah, sweet, sweet sleep.

But you’re not here for sleep, so I digress. Let’s talk food! Those with an asterisk (*) are new-to-us recipes. You’ll also see sweet potatoes pop up pretty often, which is because we we have about 20 pounds of them to use. Okay, not that many, but we do have a lot.

Here’s our plan for this week:

Saturday: Rotiseree Chicken (precooked and bought from the store) with baked sweet potatoes and grilled asparagus

Sunday: Hamburgers and baked sweet potato fries (to make paleo—not using the bun—topping with green chile, caramelized onions and mushrooms, and probably avocados; we actually didn’t have the hamburgers from last week, so I need to use up that meat asap!)

Monday: *Crock-pot French onion soup (cheating on paleo this night, because I’ve been craving this recipe, and it needs beer, brown sugar, and Gruyere cheese; yum.)

Tuesday: Spaghetti (squash) and ragu (recipe I use is inspired by this one, but I double it so I can have leftovers and freeze it for quick lunches)

Wednesday: Crock-pot chili (this is paleo, but so, so good—you won’t miss the beans.)

Thursday: *Grilled teriyaki chicken and (cauliflower) rice with mixed grilled veggies

Friday: *Herb roasted citrus chicken with sweet potatoes and another veggie

What are you cooking this week? 
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  1. Some of these recipes sound too good. I've been meal planning for a few weeks and love it. I used to do it but haven't since moving from Japan! It's been great to get back into it. I need to share my menu to really commit 🙂

    1. My plan this week:
      Monday – Falukorv (Swedish style sausage) Pasta Bake
      Tuesday – Chili con Carne with Rice
      Wednesday – Avocado and Lime Chicken Quesadillas with Beans
      Thursday – Pork Chops with Lemon Parsley Dressing and Potatoes
      Friday – Dinner Out
      Saturday – Tortellini with Bacon and a Salad
      Sunday – Pork Enchiladas

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