Wrapping Up 2013

You know what I’m going to say. I’m practically a broken record, so I don’t wanna say it, but then again, I have to, because that’s what you do with the end-of-the-year post. Okay: you guys, 2013 went by so gosh darn fast! How—how—am I back in America, on the verge of turning 30, and a mom to an almost one year old? HOW?! Twenty thirteen, my hat is off to you, because you far exceeded my expectations.

This isn’t the first year I’ve done an end-of-the-year review (you can see past posts here: 2008, 2010, 2011, and 2012), so I figured I should continue the tradition of recapping the year. Plus, it’s a great way to catch up on things if you’re new around here!


 This was the tail end of my pregnancy. And speaking of tail, I had “the waddle” down pat. My husband came home from a seven month deployment, just in time for swollen ankles and my birthday—I turned 29. Italy was gorgeous that month, and we even celebrated my birthday in Milan!


 This month I ditched “real clothes” and only wore yoga pants, leggings, and flip flops. I celebrated eight years of blogging and our third anniversary; we also continued our awesome anniversary tradition and I shared some maternity photos.


 My due date came and went without any sign of a baby. While we worked on every old-wives tale to get her out, I shared an inside look into my awesome baby shower. And then, just like that, I BECAME A MOM!


 We spent most of this month adjusting to being parents. I shared our 2012 holiday card (fashionably late, per usual), and divulged how Julia got her name. Our little girl turned one (month old) and I recapped my bumpdates


 In May I attempted to blog every day that month. My three favorite posts were Julia’s birth story, the story of my life, and where I shared a lifestyle photo shoot at our home.


 We started getting ready for our move back to America by sending Bella home early. Julia turned three (months old), and I shared two trips: Greece and visiting “Cinderella’s Castle” in Germany. 


 This month was hard for me, because it’s when we left Italy and moved back to America. I wrote about discovering American pride in Italia, their version of fast food, an afternoon in Venice, and I shared Julia’s nursery in Italy.


 I didn’t write much in August, because of the move, but two posts stand out: the tale of My First Kiss and What Being a New Mom is Really Like.


 If you want to read something funny, You’re Beautiful is a post for you. Speaking of awkward, I used to go to bed at 8 pm; I wish I was lying. On the mom front, here are Julia’s newborn photos, and a post about how I lost all my hair after I had her (also awkward).


 After spending 80 consecutive nights in a hotel room, we finally moved home…and I experienced some reverse culture shock. I shared Julia’s birth announcement and my thoughts on breastfeeding (the good, the bad, and the ugly). Also, you must see this adorable Halloween picture


 I got hit by the blogging bug in November, but two posts stand out  in my mind: A Day in the Life of a SAHM, and my awesome Travel-Themed Baby Shower


 Get your Pinterest clicker ready, because I was in a crafty mood last month (DIY Burlap Ornament Wreath and DIY Canvas Art). And, because I think she’s awesome, see my last post of the year about when my daughter met Santa and why I should be mom of the year.

This past year far exceeded my imagination. I’ve loved sharing this all with you and I’m so excited to see what this new year will bring. Happy new year, friends!


  1. I love looking back on the previous year – somehow I missed a few of your favorites throughout 2013 – so I'll have to go back and read those 🙂 Here's to 2014!

  2. Such a wonderful recap! And, how lucky for me and Julia — both born on March 8th! 🙂 I'm sure 2014 will be just as fabulous (and fast!) for you and your beautiful family!

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