Finish This {round two}

Some mornings, a prompt is just what you need to get the thoughts flowing…

1. I will never outgrow…a phone call and a hug from my mom. When my husband isn’t available (and unfortunately, he isn’t on many occasion, thanks to the military), my mom is the first one I call. And when I go home (typically alone; see the last caveat), a hug from my mom is the best thing ever.

2. I splurge on…comfy shoes. Gone are the days of me wearing heels; for now, they sit in my closet and I go visit them every once in awhile to ogle them. I talked about this before, but I’m all about comfort these days. I need a new pair of my “grandma” sandals, and I just bought an awesome new pair of black crocheted TOMS over the weekend! (*By the way, check out this sweet deal for TOMS: 10% off any TOMS branded purchase with code BEMINE at checkout! Valid 2/3-2/10 only.)

3. My worst habit is…popping dark chocolate covered almonds into my mouth like they’re candy. Well, I mean, technically they are candy. But they have almonds, which are good for you, and dark chocolate, which has great health benefits. Right? Right.

4. My passport represents…an itch to travel. It represents excitement, wonder, desire, and adventure. The faded stamps represent where I’ve been and the blank spots are where I still have yet to go. Travel is such a monumental part of my life; my passport represents part of who I am.

5. My most ridiculous fear is…having to say “rural,” “juror,” or “February” in public. Actually, there are a lot of other words I hate saying in public, because I think I’m going to say them wrong. As a writer, I can write them and sound them out as I type them, but saying them out loud is totally different.

6. My favorite thing to give is…smooches! Specifically to my husband and daughter. 🙂

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  1. I can't say "rural" either!! I sound like a crazy person! And I love what your passport represents…totally feel ya. 🙂

  2. Mom hugs are the BEST THING EVER, no matter how old you are! I'm nearly six-feet-tall and my mom, bless her heart, stands just five-foot but I love that little lady more than anything … even more now that I'm a mom myself. Since I was in elementary school, I've used her shoulder as an elbow rest. HAHAHAHA Sometimes I wonder where I came from, because I look like the Jolly Green Giant standing next to her!!!!!!! HIGH FIVE for comfy shoes, especially TOMS. Do you have a pair of Sperry's? Those are amazingly comfy too. I have both and wear them religiously, like, every day!

    P.S. The comment from ***Your Mom*** takes the cake. That's precious. I love it.

    P.P.S. Before I say 'specific' in public, I silently whisper to myself, "MORE DETAILS, NOT THE OCEAN! Spuuuu-ci-fick." I'm an idiot like that.

  3. I splurge on comfy shoes too. I figure that I have many, many pair of cheap shoes that I don't wear, so spending a lot on a pair I do wear is a much better idea!

  4. I'm a mama's girl too. I call her at least once a week and we text regularly. I also totally get the word thing. I've kinda made saying them off one of my quirks. It helps.

  5. I hate saying burglar or burglary. I used to be a heels girl, but I definitely love my flats. Whenever I do wear heels, I always put a pair of flats in my purse hehe

  6. Girl, I feel you on having to say certain words in public. I refuse to say "evacuate", I just can't, the Chilean gets in the way lol

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