Four Years Later…

Dear Kenny,

You see me with unwashed hair, a make-up less face, and yoga pants, more often than not.
You tell me my post-pregnancy tiger strips are beautiful.
We have the corniest, stupidest, and best inside jokes.
We play slug bug (you always win).
I was pregnant for 9+ months and pushed out a baby. (I win. Always.)
You get things off the top shelf for me, because I’m too short to reach that high.
We have really awesome days.
We have some pretty crappy days. (swear jar)
We sometimes go to bed angry.
We sometimes wake up still angry.
We (usually) kiss and make up.
We always come out on the other side. I watch sci-fi with you (and now I like it).
You tolerate chick flicks with me.
We like listening to NPR in the mornings.
We have “waffle Sundays.”
You love chile just as much as I do.
We both want to move back to New Mexico some day.
We love traveling and seeing new places.
We kick butt at the license plate game. 
You’re a “Trekkie”
I’m a blogger.
We sometimes go way too long without seeing each other.
We miss each other. Immensely. 
We love each other. Deeply.
We’ve created the most beautiful child in the entire world.
We are a family. 

Happy anniversary!

Always yours,

p.s. I love you


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