Gipsy Dharma {shop spotlight}

Have you ever wanted something so bad, but it the end you just couldn’t have it? That’s how I feel about boots. Scratch that—that’s how I felt about boots. I love them, but they didn’t love me back. Actually, it’s my calves that they didn’t like.

Enter Gipsy Dharma, a company out of the UK that makes ridiculously awesome, colorful, handmade, unique, leather boots. Not only that, but their FAQs say anyone can wear them, despite the size of your ginormous calves, thanks to the way the leather stretches and how you lace them up. Consider me sold. 

Gipsy Dharma is all about bold colors, intricate and precise detail, high-quality materials (we’re talking sustainable, cruelty-free leather), and stylish products to boot (ha!). I don’t usually like to quote websites, but I love what this says:

“At Gipsy Dharma, we realize that looking good and feeling good is deeply intertwined and result in much more positive self perception, which all of us so very much wish to achieve. We also believe that the right footwear carries with it a feeling of inspiration and beauty from deep within, because ultimately it is our feet that connect us with the beautiful planet we live in.”

What would you sport if you owned a pair of Gipsy Dharmas? They basically have every color of the rainbow. If I’m being totally
honest, I’d really like to rock a pair of knee high boots (plus, I want to see if they’d really fit my calves). Red or black,

Want more of Gipsy Dharma in your life? Like their Facebook page! Seriously, do it—they have weekly giveaways for a free pair of boots. You bet your bottom dollar I’ve liked them, and my fingers are crossed that I’ll win!

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