Julia Grace {month 11}

Dear Julia,
I’ve cried a lot this month, because it’s apparent that you’re growing up despite the fact that I’ve begged and pleaded for time to slow down. The thing is, I want you to grow up. Every month you get more and more exciting to be around; you’re learning, experiencing, and doing everything, but I love how little you are. I’m so torn between not wanting to let go of this baby stage and being so eager to meet the little lady you’re growing into.
You and I were on our own for a couple days this month while your Papa went away for work. It makes me nervous for what it’ll be like when he leaves for several months; you’re going to miss him like crazy, and I’m going to really miss having him around to help. I love watching the two of you together and I know you love being around him. I’m so thankful we have him in our life. 
This month you started giving me kisses all on your own and I’m completely in love with them. I’m also so proud of the way you eat—you’re eating so many things that I didn’t even touch until I was an adult. I really hope you’ll keep this adventurous spirit up and won’t get too picky as you get older. 
Hugs and kisses, my little girl! Next month is your birthday—get your party pants ready!
Love you,

Dear Gracie,
Oh what a month it’s been for us! You’ve been unabashedly focused on
walking/eating/doing everything yourself this month. Watching you scamper around and play with
your new toys is quite a sight to see. Then
you get upset and want us to pick you up and hold you. Then you get more upset and want us to put
you down. Then that same cycle goes for
another five minutes until something shiny gets your attention. And then it’s back to fun time!!! 
Each and every day has been a blast with you though. The best part of my day is coming home from
work and seeing your face light up when you see me.  Then,
you, me, and Bella play the evenings away while Mama makes dinner for us. On that note, I’ve already had a talk with
Bella, but I’ll pass on a few points about her that you should know:
  • Bella’s backside may look like fun when it
    wiggles, but it is not a toy. Please stop
    grabbing it.
  • Ditto for her feet, they tend to twich a lot when
    you grab and tickle them.
  • Bella has very pretty eyes and ears, but they are
    not grab-able.  Sorry.
  • While I’m sure that it would make the two of you
    get along better, please refrain from open mouth kissing.
  • Lastly, Bella’s food may look and smell awesome,
    and it’s placed right at your level, but it is not for you.  And it tastes bad.  Trust me.
Anyways, I can’t wait for you to turn one! 
I love you!   
Your Papa

Nicknames: same ol’ same ol’…Poopers, Sweet Pea, Honey Bear, Pumpkin Butt, and about 15 more at any given time

Likes: speed crawling around the house, walking ON YOUR OWN TWO FEET, chasing Bella around the house, dancing, giving kisses, eating collard greens, playing patty-cake, clapping her hands, playing peekaboo, playing with toys (emptying, sorting, and putting the toys back in their box) babbling to Bella, tilting her head to the right, blowing raspberries, picking up ridiculously tiny pieces of anything and handing them to mama or papa, nodding her head or shaking her head “no, no.”

Dislikes: having to be still while we change diapers and pooping, you don’t like sitting in it and let us know when there’s something there (thanks for that), not much else—this was a happy month!

Milestones: WALKING! You still like crawling as your main source of travel, but you can definitely walk now. You also give kisses, and clap when I start singing patty cake.
No well-baby this month, but I’m thinking 18-19 pounds and over 30 inches tall.

Clothing Size:
6-9 and 9 month, some 12 month for the pants since you have long legs.
Great! Sleeping around 11 hours at night. Occasionally you’ll wake up, but you put yourself back to sleep. Naps are also back on track. Still taking 2.5 naps…I need to figure out when you’re supposed to go down to one nap.
Random Tidbits:
You’re just a joy to be around. Also, anything and everything is “Bella” (bewwa) or “Mama.”
How are Mommy and Daddy Doing?
: Good! Mama’s getting a little stir crazy and needs more things to do during the day, because there’s only so much babbling and playing with blocks that she can handle, but other than that, things are good. 



  1. So cute. (Though now I feel crazy behind on my daughter's baby book!) My DD went down to one nap early early early. I always say follow baby's cues on that. When they start struggling with the morning nap I stop forcing it, but if she still seems tired in the late morning, keep offering 🙂 She'll let you know when she's ready. And don't be too sad if she gets pickier about food around 2… it's pretty normal when they start exerting independence and testing boundaries. Our DD has always been a great eater, but now she's being pickier, just like her brother did at this age (and he still has yet to stop being picky at 4 :(…)
    Can't wait to see Julia's 1st birthday post next month 🙂

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  3. Hi Julia Grace: Your great-grandma thinks you are just the cutest little girl on the blog-network. I know your mom and dad don't want you to grow up, but your great-grandma does, so keep up the good work. Love you.
    P.S. Cute blanket you are sitting on!!

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