This Week’s Eats {Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Onion}

Did you guys know that today is the last Sunday of February. Yeah, I’ll let that soak in for a minute………..Crazy, right? 

Well, we’re back from our cruise (and I’m sure you’ll be hearing about it off and on, here and there, for the next several weeks), and just as I thought, I’m sad now. Mostly because I have to plan out all of our meals again and, you know, cook.

Le. Sigh.

But here we are, another week before us and an empty fridge that needs filling. We’re going shopping tomorrow to stock it back up. Heh..and then we’re going back out of town next weekend—just a quick weekend trip with my parents to Charleston, South Carolina. Speaking of that, I’m taking recommendations for places to eat in Charleston, so please leave your suggestions in the comments!

Last night we needed something quick and easy to make for dinner, so we used some leftover (delicious) paleo barbecue sauce and grilled some chicken with it. While my husband grilled the chicken, I made my latest favorite side dish: Brussels sprouts! We first tried this from the grocery store, of all places. They served it cold in the deli area and we were hungry one day, so we snacked on it while shopping. It was so good that I figured I could make it at home; it turns out that it’s super easy and as long as I have Brussels sprouts on hand, we have everything else to make it!

Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Onion 

4 slices of bacon, chopped (throw them in the freezer for a bit so they’ll cut easier)
1 onion, chopped
1 pound Brussels sprouts, stems removed, sliced
1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
salt, pepper, garlic powder to taste
white wine, a splash or two (optional)

In a large pan, saute chopped bacon on medium heat until golden brown and crispy. Using a slotted spoon, remove bacon pieces; set aside on a paper towel. Add chopped onions to pan with bacon grease; saute. Once onions are fragrant, toss in Brussels sprouts; stir. Add a splash or two of wine, apple cider vinegar, and a sprinkling of salt, freshly ground pepper, and garlic powder; stir around. Cover pan and let sit for about a minute or two. Uncover, turn heat up to high, and stir around for another few minutes, until some pieces start caramelizing. Add in bacon; stir. Enjoy! 

And now on to our menu for the week:

Sunday: Paleo fajitas and guacamole

Monday: Ruby Tuesday (getting family pictures taken, so we won’t be home with enough time to cook)

Tuesday: grilled mahi mahi and mango avocado salsa (get ready to see this a lot more often as it gets warmer…we’re kinda crazy about it)

Wednesday: slow cooker short ribs and green beans

Thursday: grilled teriyaki chicken and cauliflower rice

Friday: In Atlanta to see ALTON BROWN!!!

Saturday: We’ll be in Charleston, SC, so tell me where to eat!!

Jessica Lynn Writes
Jessica Lynn Writes


What are you cooking up this week?


  1. Those brussel sprouts look great! I have been wanting to make some but Fredrik keeps boohooing it but I think it is time to over rule him! O and if you have kitchen scissors, ours came with our knife block, they work great for chopping bacon!

  2. I love to just halve the brussels sprouts and toss them in there… I saw one recipe where you do sprouts with broccoli in butter in a cast iron skillet and then toss them in the oven for a few minutes — so good! Mmm.

  3. I LOVE ALTON! He was in SD a while back but I didn't hear about it until it was sold out. I cannot wait to hear about it, I hear it's fantastic!

  4. Just pinned the recipe – someone from our church group made something like this a few weeks ago and I kept forgetting ask for the recipe so I'll just try yours instead. 🙂 hope your cruise was wonderful!

  5. I am new this week 🙂 I just started meal planning… again. I hope I can stick to it! I just started loving brussel sprouts recently… used to never eat them. Def. going to pin that recipe!

  6. This sounds delish! I have brussel sprouts on the menu for tonight, so maybe we'll have to give this recipe a try! Last week, I roasted them in the oven, and I could have eaten the entire bowl 🙂

  7. We were just talking about brussel sprouts yesterday. We are trying to eat from the 'local' section of the weekly market and everyone had some. And for Charleston – we lived there for a couple of years and LOVED it. Downtown is awesome. I recommend TBonz Grill on Market Street, and Tommy Condon's is fun too.

  8. Love Alton…so jealous! Just returned from a weekend trip from Charleston at the beginning of the month…sadly I have not written my post on it yet.I highly recommend FIG, HUSK, and The Ordinary (though Ordinary only if you like seafood)…reservations recommended for all..even at HUSK for lunch reservations are recommended, the other two are dinner only. There are so many great restaurants in Charleston.

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