Want, Need, MUST Have {february}

Love, (guilty) pleasures, indulgences. (I’ll stop before that list gets a little too gag-worthy) Some of you may get showered with gifts tomorrow: pancakes in the shape of hearts, dozens of roses, red velvet cupcakes, jewelry (which will make you the envy of every woman out there), or maybe you’ll get extra kisses and hugs, either way,

Historically, my husband and I don’t really make a huge deal over Valentine’s Day. We remember and acknowledge it (especially because it’s the day he proposed—more on that tomorrow), but we don’t really do anything. It’s a lackluster holiday for us, mostly because our anniversary is the following week. I don’t think we show each other more love just because it’s Valentine’s Day. Some years he’ll bring home a red velvet cupcake (hint hint, dear husband), and I’ll maybe get him an overly sappy or a stupidly funny card, but other than that, it’s just another day.

But (and there’s always a but), I wanted to know what women really want for Valentine’s Day. Do we really want jewelry, dozens of roses, heart-shaped pancakes, and extra hugs and kisses? Maybe. I asked my sponsors what they really want to indulge in this month and I love what they had to say.

1. “I think, since my husband will be gone for Valentine’s Day, I’ll indulge
myself with some wine, a good piece of chocolate, and some Pride & Prejudice (the one with Keira Knightley, that is!)” {Chantal from Scattered Seashells}

2. “I’m smitten with strawberries and could go for mouth-watering drink right about now. Since we’re days away from hopping on our cruise and will be sailing into perfect weather (75 degrees, hello!), I plan on carrying over Valentine’s Day indulgences and sipping on my favorite drink: a strawberry vodka mojito. YUM!” {me}

3. “My husband has been wanting a movie date for weeks, and I think
this month we’ll finally get a chance! No idea what we’ll see, but it’ll
be nice up get some quality time with each other!” {Jess from Being Mrs. Beer}

4. “This month I’ll be indulging in jewelry! As a brand new Stella & Dot Independent Stylist I maybe
went a bit crazy ordering show pieces! In my defense though, I’m
letting my husband off the hook when it comes to that gift!” {Elizabeth
from The Young Retiree}

5. “I am addicted to Starbucks, but only the super-bad-for-you, full-days-worth-of-calories drinks. And Brookside chocolate
(dark chocolate covered Acai berry thankyouverymuch).  In fact, there
is a good chance my Valentine`s day will involve stopping on the way
home from kickboxing to get said latte and chocolate and drinking a
glass of red while watching a movie that will hopefully have Dwayne
Johnson in it.” {Kim from She is Fierce}

6. “I would love to just take a bubble bath without someone knocking on the door! I’d actually LOVE to try out ANY LUSH bath product!” {Amber from Amber Nicole}

Now it’s your turn—what do you really want for Valentine’s Day? 
Share your true indulgence in the comments! 


  1. Well we are going out for drinks but which I am pretty happy about but I would love to have dinner cooked for me and the total married lady thing but the stove scrubbed down too would be wonderful!

  2. I really just want a relaxed evening with just my hubby next to me watching a movie together and eating dessert after the kids go to bed… when we're not worried about bills, school, work, or whatever. — Have fun on your cruise!

  3. I want to see my husband. I was a child of the military so I experienced deployments with my dad, but I didn't marry someone in the military. My husband is gone for a month for his new job. I recognize this is nothing and I shouldn't even be writing it down on a military wife's blog, but we have never been a part for more than a week in our seven years together. I never knew my house made the noises it did until I was all by myself with the cats. I just miss him. I'd love a hug from my husband today.

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