Fleet Landing {Charleston, SC}

If you’re ever in Charleston, South Carolina, and need a place to eat, I recommend Fleet Landing. Someone suggested this little restaurant to us, and after double checking it with Trip Advisor (my go-to site for travel recs), I decided it sounded perfect.

not my photo. borrowed it from Fleet Landing’s instagram feed.

I need to note that parking available for this place has little to no space, so if you’re driving, plan on eating early or parking far away. We were, indeed, eating early, so we parked and walked around for a little bit before our table was ready. If you have some time before or after dinner, take a walk (practically) next door to Charleston’s Waterfront Park. I wish I took more pictures (story of my life).

I called ahead to make a reservation, but the only thing available was at 9 pm, which is a tad-bit too late for the baby (and her parents, to be honest), so they said we could drop in and get our name on the list for whatever was available as walk-ins. They did have several tables open, so we were seated around 5:30 pm. I highly suggest requesting a table outside, so you can dine with a gorgeous view.
When it came to food options, there was only one thing on my mind: seafood! It’s supposed to be wonderful in Charleston, so I was very excited. We usually pass on appetizers, unless oysters are on the menu. If they’re featured on the menu, they’ll most likely be in our belly within a matter of minutes. Fleet Landing did, indeed, have oysters, and they were mighty tasty.

Do y’all share and offer each other bites? We do in our family, which is one of the fun things about traveling with other people. I was especially excited for our main courses to arrive, and once they did I was very impressed.

We’ll start with my meal, because it was awesome. Every time I visit Savannah, Georgia, I always get their specialty: Flounder with apricot sauce; you’ll see it everywhere on the menu in town (I really need to write about my love for Savannah). So when I saw it on the menu in Charleston, I knew I had to try it. Honestly, I’m not sure which town makes it better, because the one at Fleet Landing was wonderful.



The flounder was scored and lightly fried, and the sauce was a bit tangy and not overly sweet. The fish still had the bones in it, but since it was cored I could easily pop out pieces of the meat. Thinking about it again is making my mouth water. Oh, and I have to talk about my sides. I got the collard greens, because I’m obsessed with them, and they were seasoned just as they should be—I hate overly salty collards. I also picked pimento cheese grits, and oh my word, they were spectacular. I’ve never been a huge fan of grits before, but these were just delightful and so flavorful. Truth be told, I was bummed when someone wanted to try them, because I wanted them all to myself!
My husband picked their Lowcountry Seafood Pasta and they definitely didn’t skimp on the ingredients. Big shrimps, jumbo scallops, several crawfish, mussels, sausage, and asparagus all sat on top of fettuccine, mixed in a butter sauce. Yum, yum, yum!


Up next was my mom’s gumbo. Here’s the thing about her meal: I can’t tell you how it was, because she practically inhaled it! I’m taking that as a good sign. She also had the peel and each shrimp, which she said was also very good. Next time, mom, you’re sharing a bite with your blogger daughter, mmmkay?!

If you know my dad at all, then you probably know what he ordered—he’s predictable like that. He always gets fried shrimp and he always gives some away to whoever is eating with him. Now, I’ve eaten my share of fried shrimp before and nine times out of 10, they’re nothing to write home about. Well, I’m writing about them now. These suckers were really, really good. Fried shrimp are easily overcooked, but not these. They were tender and succulent, and the breading on them made me crave more of their fried seafood.

And last, but not least: Julia’s grilled cheese. As her mom, I feel the need to quality check her food. I mean, I have to make sure it’s not too hot and that there isn’t anything funky going on with it before letting her have at it. That was one darn good grilled cheese! She also enjoyed her green beans, some of my collards, the asparagus from my husband’s pasta, and French fries from her grandpa’s plate. Fleet Landing: baby approved.

Eating at Fleet Landing made me really excited to see what else Charleston has to offer when it comes to food. Restaurants are everywhere in that town, and I’m anxious and ready to visit again.

That’s all for this version of Local Eats, but I’ll be back with another restaurant from Charleston soon!



  1. Hmmm this looks delicious! I have some friends that live near Charleston, I may have to have them check it out! 🙂

  2. All of that sounds AMAZING. Beau and and I had seafood our first night here in Puerto Rico, and it was delicious! But I didn't have my camera with me, since I'm trying not to be attached to my purse during our honeymoon. Trust me when I say my scallops were AMAZING. I hope we go back once more before we leave, because I want oysters while we're here!

  3. Well what a coincidence- we're heading to Charleston this May! I'll have to try it out. 🙂 Thanks for the great review!


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