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You know that feeling you get when you finally bring your blog reader from the triple digits all the way down to that “zero” status? It’s like a giant sigh of relief that there aren’t any more lingering posts. But whenever that happens (which is sometimes few and far between), I start getting excited to read more and discover more blogs. It’s a vicious cycle since that number of unread posts is bound to rise again, but in the meantime, I have lots of new blogs to read with fresh new words, and that makes me happy.

Take this month’s crop of sponsors, for example. One of my favorite things about offering advertising on my blog is that I get to meet new people each month. I read every post they write, and when I pick posts to share with you, they’re ones I truly enjoyed reading; plus, I continue to keep them in my reader even after their month is up. Reading their words is good for my soul.

I know a lot of people skip over these type of posts, but I encourage you to take a look at the bios below and see if any hit a chord with you. If one strikes your fancy, follow up with them by checking out their blog or Facebook page, twitter feed, or Etsy store. Who knows, you may find your new favorite blog!


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Hello! My name is Katie and I am the owner/creator of Handmade in
the 505. I’m a born and raised New Mexican, loving my life in the 505
with my two kiddos and handsome hubby. I love to crochet, blog on
occasion, quilt or sew when the mood strikes and pray for wisdom and
mercy everyday. 
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Howdy! My name is Katherine and I blog over at The Newsom’s Nest
about marriage to my studly Marine, military life, family, books, living
in California, and being homesick for Texas! I’m finishing up my
bachelor’s in education this May and enjoy working at two schools, plus
blogging of course, on the side! I’m itching for summer so I’ll have a
good excuse (oh and the nice weather doesn’t hurt) to sit on the beach
and read a good book! Ah, the simple things.


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I’m on an uphill journey to learn continually, love freely
and live vulnerably as a writer, a military wife and mama to one.


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Hey, I’m Jess, and I ramble about everything over at Being Mrs. Beer
(Yes, that’s our actual last name).  I’m a working wife and mom living
just outside DC.  I love having a little space on the internet to call
my own, and I’d love you to join me there…especially if you bring me a
hazelnut macchiato!


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Hi friends! My name is Katie and I blog over at A Worker at Home.
I am married to my best friend who was a Marine for 6 years and now is a
police officer & a reservist with the Army Special Forces (he’s a
stud!). We have been blessed with two beautiful babies– a 20 month old
boy (ok so he’s not a baby anymore, but he’ll always be my baby! :)) and
a 2 week old girl. Formerly a high school Spanish teacher, I now get to
work at home as a content writer for a marketing company, blog, and
best of all enjoy life as a wife and mama. 

My name is Kim, and I’m the editor of the blog, “A Moving Story.” I began blogging about my expat experience, and ended up writing a lifestyle blog about my passions: food, travel, and leading an inspired life. 


That was a fun group, right? I love the diversity and I’m already excited to get to know April’s batch of sponsors. My Feedly feed is growing, and I love it! If you want to advertise here (and in my other monthly posts), check out your options and come join the fun!


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