Handmade in the 505 {shop spotlight}

Some of you probably read about Handmade in the 505 last month when Katie gave away some adorable hair clips, but I wanted to give you more of an inside look into the girl behind the business. I’m a sucker for buying things handmade, and I have so much respect for those who run their own business, especially with two kids in tow. Here’s a little interview I had with her; I hope you like it!


Hi, Katie! Tell me a little bit about your shop and what you specialize in.

Handmade in the 505 is an Etsy shop where I sale items that I’ve crocheted, like baby hats and beanies, scarves, hair clips, and blankets. Unless I’m traveling, all items are made in Albuquerque, New Mexico, aka: the 505.

You know I love Albuquerque, but I can’t crochet to save my life—when did you start crocheting and why?

I began crocheting while I was pregnant with my daughter (now 3) because I thought that crocheted flowers were really fun, and I wanted something to do while my hubby watched football on Saturdays.

Sounds like the perfect past time for football games! So how did you decide to take your creations and turn it into a business?

I started making crocheted hats and beanies to give as shower gifts and people would often ask if I had a shop. I hesitated in opening one, because I hated the idea of putting my stuff out there like that, but I eventually worked up the nerve. It’s been a learning process ever since!

What are your favorite things to make?

I love making hats for babies, and custom orders are my favorite! I like the idea of creating something with a special someone in mind.

You’re a busy mom of two! When do you find time to work—how in the world do you balance it all?

The key word there is “balance” which is probably something I will always struggle with. Thankfully, I have an awesome hubby who appreciates what I do around the house, encourages me to do things for myself, but can also help bring me back to reality when I start to slack on occasion.

Okay, describe a typical work day, please.

Typically during the week we are in a pretty good routine:
By 7:30 or 8 the kiddos are awake and getting started on breakfast. My son still naps in the morning for about an hour from 9 to 10. During his nap, my daughter has blanket time while I get dressed and ready for the day. Sometimes, if I’m really on top of my game, I can get a little work (in addition to my Etsy shop, I work from home part time for a finance company) done before my son wakes up. I also use this time to straighten up the bedroom and the kitchen because as soon as my son wakes up and eats again, we are out the door.

Where we are going varies, but we usually get out of the house at least once a day. We’re either headed to the store to pick more yarn, to church for bible study, Target for coffee and some shopping, or just going the park to meet friends. Once we’re back at the house, it’s a mad rush to get both kiddos fed and into bed for naps before everyone looses their minds.

During nap time I either finish up whatever work I have left to do or I pull up the most recent episode of Parenthood on Hulu and settle in with a needle and some yarn for a little “me time.” On a good day, I get about two solid hours to myself to work on a custom order or post something in the shop.

After naps we usually watch a show or play a game before Dad gets home. Then it’s dinner, baths and bedtime.

Once the kiddos are asleep, the hubby and I hang out together and sometimes I will crochet while we watch a show or something. Then it’s lights out and we start the whole thing over again.

If you had $1,000 to invest in your business, what would you do?

Could I purchase some more time? But seriously, having more time is what could probably grow my business the most. Maybe I would hire a sitter for a couple of hours a week for some designated time to work on things for my shop.

When you’re not crocheting, how do you relax?

My answer to this used to always be reading but after my second kiddo, I don’t have the mental energy anymore. I do, however, love to create photo books on Shutterfly. I’ve started making a yearly photo book for our family as well as a yearly book for each of the kids. It’s how I cope with them getting older.

Handmade in the 505
Now that you’ve read all about Katie, it’s time to start shopping! By the amount of pregnancy announcements I’ve seen recently, you probably know of at least one family expecting a baby. I can promise you that they’d love to receive a handmade, adorable crocheted beanie or headband. Request a custom order or pick something from Handmade in the 505 today!

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