Pi(e) Day!

Do you know what tomorrow is? It’s PI DAY!

In this household, we get a little excited over the very thought of pie. It’s simply delicious, so who can blame us? Three years ago we actually celebrated an Pi(e) Week, and a year before that we had an entire Pizza (pie) Week; that’s how serious we are about pie.

In case you want to celebrate Pi Day tomorrow, here are a few ideas for you to incorporate pie into your life:

Pizza Pies
Thin Pizza Pie
Focaccia Pugliese (pie)
Taco Pie
Shepherd’s (cottage) Pie
Berry Rhubarb Pie
Green Chile Apple (hand-held) Pies
Apple Pie
Apple Pie Cupcakes
Whoopie Pie

While I was putting this post together, my husband emailed to say that he’s making us a mixed berry (strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, and possibly some pineapple) pie tonight with a crumble top. He may even attempt a paleo crust. I’m pretty excited. Let’s just hope Julia takes after her mama and papa and likes pie more than she liked cake!

What’s your favorite type of pie? Will you be celebrating Pi Day?


  1. My husband makes a seriously amazing rhubarb pie — one of my favorites. I hate making crust, so I always have him do it for me (especially when I want quiche or pot pie…).

    My previous company (a defense contractor) used to celebrate Pi day (and probably still does) by bringing in tons of pies and giving every employee a free slice (or two). I miss that.

  2. We're celebrating pi day too! I always forget but I set a reminder on my phone to remind me to make a pie haha

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