This Week’s Eats {march 2}

This post is coming to you all the way from a different state, because we’re in Charleston, South Carolina, for the weekend! My parents came down to visit for Julia’s birthday next week and to act as a babysitter while my husband and I saw Alton Brown in Atlanta on Friday.

OH EM GEE, you guys. WE SAW ALTON BROWN! Yeah, we got a little star struck and may have acted like giddy high school girls going to their first prom. It was that exciting! The little one kept us awake all last night, so if I have any energy left today during our drive home (i.e. if I don’t nap instead), I’ll write a post about seeing his show.

Anyway, we’re spending the rest of the day in Charleston and then driving back to Georgia. The menu is sort of up in the air this week since we have company in town, which means we’ll probably eat out a little more than usual. This is good news for my “Local Eats” series, since we’re planning on trying a few new restaurants, but bad news for my waistline since local jaunts aren’t exactly paleo friendly.

Since we’re in Charleston, my goal is to eat lots of seafood. Do you like oysters? I LOVE them! They’re so briny and flavorful and delicious. How do you eat your oysters? I like mine raw, in the shell, with a squirt of lemon, and dash of Tabasco sauce. Yum!! I can’t wait to tell you about the places we’re eating at in Charleston! Follow my Instagram for a peek before the posts.

The menu this week:

Sunday: Something good ‘n southern. (I’m thinking chicken and waffles for brunch)

Monday: No idea; I should probably figure something out sooner rather than later

Tuesday: (getting family pictures done for real this time, so eating out) The Swanson House, maybe? (review coming possibly tomorrow)

Wednesday: pizza (spending the day in Atlanta with the family then my husband said he’ll have pizza crust waiting for us when we come home.) Using this regular version and this paleo version.

Thursday: teriyaki chicken rice bowls

Friday: local seafood restaurant

Saturday: (Julia’s birthday) we’re having a little birthday brunch celebration!!!

Jessica Lynn Writes
Jessica Lynn Writes


What are you cooking up this week?


  1. There are some wonderful breweries in Atlanta. Just sayin'. We took the kids to two as well as a german pub 🙂 Had a blast

  2. I don't think I've ever had oysters, unless I tried them when we went on our last cruise (years ago). Enjoy this week and all of the seafood! Yum!

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