This Week’s Eats {march 23}

We’re going full steam ahead with getting our garden set up! I feel a little guilty, because I’m inside typing while my husband’s outside, knee deep in ground cover, soil, and mulch, trying to beat the rain that’s supposed to start any minute. Clearly I have the better deal with this set up! Here’s a before picture of what it’ll look like:

We’ve already changed the middle a little bit, and clearly we have some leaves to clean up, so I’ll have to post an after picture next week. We had a little garden the last time we lived here, but our previous renters didn’t keep it up, so we’re starting from scratch. I’m really excited to see how the vertical planters my husband built will work. I have a brown thumb and hate digging around in dirt, so I think I’ll like this a lot. Yay for fresh veggies and herbs from our garden!!

Changing gears a bit…Did you all see the recipe I put up during the week for cauliflower rice? A few of you already mentioned that you’ve tried it and liked it (woo!), so that makes me happy. Per usual, it’s going on our menu again this week (it’s not actually on there, but i have a head of cauliflower, so I’ll probably make it for lunch one day). Also on the menu is a brisket I talked about in my last post. It was amazing the last (first) time I made it, so I’m really hoping it’ll be good again. Also, as you’ll see, we clearly have a plethora of sweet potatoes that I need to use.

Sunday: crock-pot (DELICIOUS) brisket, baked sweet potatoes, roasted/grilled asparagus, paleo rolls 

Monday: Paleo BBQ chicken drumsticks, sweet potato fries, spinach

Tuesday: Cajun mahi mahi with a creamy avocado sauce and some sort of veg

Wednesday: Paleo-version of Alton Brown ribs with sweet potato and veg.

Thursday—Monday: family in town, so we’ll probably eat out. Nothing really planned as far as meals go.

Jessica Lynn Writes
Jessica Lynn Writes


What are you cooking up this week?


  1. I can't wait to get our gardens going this year, but we still have some time before spring hits for us 🙂 This break from blogging is making it harder to keep up with my meal planning since I don't have the accountability right now… Just a few more weeks, though! Do love coming here to get recipe ideas, though!

  2. This is exactly what I needed to stumble upon today — awesome meal plan! I need to make one of my own now and may use some of your ideas! Happy Sunday 🙂

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