This Week’s Eats {March 30}

So, we’re officially into spring—are you guys grilling a lot? We’re pretty big into grilling over here. Actually, scratch that. My husband’s the one who stands over the hot grill while I’m inside fixing everything else up for dinner, and for that, I’m very thankful. I should actually probably learn the ropes so I can grill my own grub once he deploys.

We’re keeping it simple this week, food-wise, since we have family in town, and because I’m still sleepy and (to be honest) not really in the mood to meal plan—a little girl of mine decided not to sleep very well last night. Send me all the coffee! Actually, now that I’ve made the menu, I’m pretty excited for our meals this week.

What we’re cooking and eating this week:

Sunday: Eat out (family in town)

Monday: Eat out (family in town)

Tuesday: deconstructed fajitas and guac

Wednesday: Chicken salad (recipe coming soon!)

Thursday: orange chicken and cauliflower rice

Friday: spaghetti (squash) and meatballs

Jessica Lynn Writes
Jessica Lynn Writes


What are you cooking up this week?


  1. Unfortunately, we still don't own a grill. And it's still snowing some days here, so I guess that's okay! I've never attempted fajitas before, but that sounds yummy. Also, do you mean chicken salad like a salad with chicken or chicken salad like slathered in mayo junk? (I hate the latter, and I detest that our language has not come up with a word that makes more sense.)

    1. We make fajitas inside allllllll the time! It's one of our favorite meals; I'll have to tell you how to make them!

      I mean mean chicken salad slathered with stuff (and I know what you mean about confusing words), but I also eat it with lettuce as a salad, so I wasn't entirely sure how we'd be eating it this week. We have a paleo version of it, so it's been lightened up A LOT!

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