Throwing it Back, Pregnancy Style

It feels like I was pregnant a lifetime ago instead of just a year ago. My Julia will turn one two days from today, and I’ll officially be the mother of a toddler. Crazy!

I never have any fun pictures for the #tbt (Throwback Thursday) trend, but I’ve been thinking a lot about last year lately, so I wanted to post this one. It was from one of our last days before officially becoming parents. A year ago today, actually.

I was craving gelato. And despite how cold it was, despite being almost a week overdue, and despite really not wanting to walk waddle all the way down (it was like two blocks) to the gelateria, I bundled myself up (minus the shoes, because nothing would fit my swollen feet at that point), looped my arm around my husband and we slowly made it to the shop.

There, I got myself something delicious: coffee and mint chocolate chip gelato (my husband had the chocolate), and we savored some precious moments of just the two of us before we would become three.

(And now I’m graving gelato. And no, I’m not pregnant) 


  1. I LOVE this picture of you and the story! There's something so adorable about baby bumps. I know that (to the pregnancy lady) it doesn't FEEL very adorable to be in those last weeks of carrying baby, but there's still something radiant and magical about it. 🙂

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