Want, Need, MUST Have {march}

This monthly post series is quite possibly one of my favorite features on my blog right now. In an age where I buy so much stuff for my daughter, instead of myself, I like that it forces me to pick something indulgent for me, even if it’s only pretend (since I hardly actually go out and buy the item).

I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty low key. The purse I own will last me several years (not a typo); I wear the same two pairs of jeans (washed, most of the time) until they start getting holes in them, and I’m brand loyal to everything from the toilet paper our family uses to the eye shadow and mascara I buy every half a decade (yeah, I know it should be more often than that, but I never wear makeup, so it “lasts” forever).

But since I ask my sponsors each month what they’d love to get their hands on, it makes me window shop and really think about finding something I wouldn’t necessarily buy for myself, but would really, really like to have. Basically, this post makes me forget that I live in yoga pants 80% of the week and that there’s a world out there with sparkly earrings, manicures, and pretty spring dresses.

1. “There are about a million things that will fit into this category and
I thought of a really great one this weekend but forgot. Guess I
don’t need it that much 🙂 Anyways, saw this at Target today and I almost bought it! Unfortunately, last night I made a little deal with my
hubby where we can’t buy clothes until we go fast-food free through the
month of march. Ah! I hope it still there then, maybe even on the
clearance rack. It might not be everyone’s thing but it has cute little
bikes on it, which is kind our family thing.” {Katie from Handmade in the 505}

2. “Now that my son is a little older, I’m trying to move away from
carrying a diaper bag all the time. This bag is big enough to carry his
essentials, but still looks cute!” {Callie from This Glorious Maze}

3. “I’ve been searching for a while for some simple, classic earrings
to wear everyday.  My daughter Abbie will grab anything that dangles
from my ear, so I’ve been looking for studs, and these from Kendra Scott
defnitely fit the bill!  They’re pretty and simple, and Abbie can’t
grab them!” {Jess from Being Mrs. Beer}

4. “It has been over a year since I’ve gotten a manicure and pedicure. Our
baby girl arrived before my appointment to get french tip nails (my
favorite!) so I think once I’m recovered I’m going to need to get my
nails done asap! 🙂 It’s so relaxing, and having a fresh mani and pedi
makes me feel so pretty!” {Katie from A Worker at Home}

5. “My need this month is to go to more xtend barre classes—a
combination of pilates and dance, and such a great workout! So to align
with that, these fun sticky socks, which we have to wear for
the classes are a more exact need. My favorite are the light blue ones! I
need some color in my life—the gray I have right now doesn’t reflect
that spring is around the corner. Also, blue is our favorite color in
our nest, so just the fact that I have the socks in that color gives me
motivation to go to barre class each week! {Katherine from The Newsome’s Nest}

6. “Spring sprung a little early in Georgia, which means I’m already dreading thinking about this summer. This dress looks comfy enough to lounge around in at home, casual enough to wear out around town, and cute enough to wear for a date night. Basically, I need it in my life!” {me}

What about you? What are you crushing on this month? 
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  1. That dress is gorgeous! It definitely screams spring!! Right down to the color!! As for what I'm "crushing" on this month, its got to be a pair of the D'orsay flats that are popular right now!

  2. I ended up buying the bag a few days after I sent you this information! We took it to our children's museum instead of the diaper bag. It was much cuter and lighter, but still held a couple snacks and some diapers. Plus when I write at a cafe or coffee shop, it's big enough to hold my laptop!

  3. Those earrings are awesome – simple and pretty studs are such a good thing to have once kids arrive! And this may seem weird, but right now I have my heart set on the new blog design… (and praying the rebrand goes well with all the other stuff on my plate!)

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