Wine on Wednesday

It’s a long story (one that needs to be told so future friends don’t run into the same issues we did), and has been a long time coming, but we finally picked up our wine from Italy.

We rented a Suburban, drove up to Atlanta, and picked up our crate of vino. The guy at the loading dock took one look at our over-sized vehicle and said we’d need a pick-up truck to fit it all, but we managed to squeeze it all into the gas-guzzling SUV. Go us!

They wrapped each individual bottle, so unwrapping everything reminded me of Christmas morning. Julia had some fun, too (see video below)!

Any guesses as to how much wine we now own? I need to start weaning Julia ASAP so I can take full advantage of our new stash 🙂 


  1. Sooooo – if I'm down in the States and come visit – we can share some wine?? lol. And that is the cutest video ever of Julia in all the paper, what a cutie.

  2. Is it wrong that I don't think you need to wean in order to enjoy it? I have a beer or glass of wine right after nursing, because by the time they eat again, the alcohol is out of my system 🙂 We have a suburban and love it (though kinda sucks with car seats), but it's AWESOME for hauling a lot. 🙂 Though I've admittedly never hauled so much wine (beer, perhaps). Looks delicious, though!

    1. Oh, I can most certainly still drink while nursing, but even 1/4 of a glass gets me tipsy these days since I've lost so much of my tolerance, so I usually don't have more than that. I'd like to just have a glass when I want to and not have to time it all out. I've gotta say that the suburban drove so nice; I loved driving it! Just hated filling up the tank when we returned it to the rental place (our car now is really fuel efficient, so it was a shock).

  3. Oh I hadn't thought of the picking up of the wine! We haven't started buying for when we leave, but I just thought it would be delivered when your HHG was delivered. LOL

    1. It can definitely be delivered with your HHG! We left in July, though, so any wine that would've been sent with our HHG would've been ruined from the heat, so we went a different route. More to come about that in another post!

    1. It should have been super easy, but we were told some wrong information by our contact person here in America, so it ended up being annoying instead of easy.

  4. I'm looking forward to reading the post about this whole process and learning from your experience! I'm already planning on pinning it so I'll have it handy in the future!

    p.s. all this wine is making me really hope we get stationed in italy next!!! i'd love to start a collection!

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