Growing Pains {and more}

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Finish this…

My last growing pain was…this move. I’d be lying if I said moving back to Georgia was a piece of cake. I’ve really struggled to like this place again. Actually, I wrote a whole post on my dislike for this town, but my husband politely suggested I “sit on it for a night or two” before sharing my disgruntled thoughts with the world. Well, it’s been about three weeks and I still think it’s a little too bitter to share. We are definitely trying to make the most out of this duty station, but it’s just taking a lot longer than we thought. It pains me that I don’t enjoy where I am.

I grow and nurture…little humans. Well, one little human named Julia. I need to work on the nurturing part, because she’s 14 months going on 14 years and I don’t have very much patience for someone literally clinging to me the majority of the day. #toddlerlifeisrough

The guilt-free snack I enjoy most
plantain chips. Oh my word, they’re so delicious. Since potato chips are a no-no with paleo, and they’re my favorite snack in the entire world, I needed a substitute. Go figure that I find my chips from T.J.Maxx (for half the price, too)—the chili lime flavor rocks my socks off.

The best reason to stay up all night
…is to chat. Granted, “all night” is really no later than 11 pm, otherwise this mama gets cranky. Our lives are so go-go-go-go, that I like those quiet moments when I’m in bed with my husband and we can just talk. I know it sometimes bugs him, because he’ll be half asleep, but I sometimes get a second wind and enjoy rattling things off my mind before I doze for the night.

If I were stranded on a desert island, I’d
…draw out S-O-S in the sand, start praying, take the best nap of my life, and then probably cry (being stranded, although it sounds lovely, would be scary as all get-out! It’d be so dark and creepy at night). I’d also hope I could at least be stranded with someone cool.

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  1. Don't feel bad about your dislike of Georgia. Everyone seems to love Southern California, except me. I have found a couple other military spouses who aren't that thrilled about it either though. It's been really had for me to adjust after Okinawa. What is it about the overseas duty stations that seem to ruin us for everywhere else? It's been 10 months today since we left Oki, but I still miss it. I'm not a fan of where we live, the people, the commute, the driving to get anywhere. I really try and I'm fine most days, but I still don't really like it. My husband is from here and he doesn't even like it much anymore. Keep your head up! It's not forever!

  2. I also feel you on not loving where you currently are, while it is not the worst place I have lived it is starting to wear on me that we have to take a very very expensive 4 hour train ride to get anywhere out of our small town worth going to.

  3. It took me almost 5 years to enjoy the state we are in. And its taking even longer for me to come to terms with us settling down in this town for the long haul. So I know how you feel about not loving where you are at. Hopefully those feelings get better with time!

  4. Girl I so feel ya! I never loved AL (I couldn't wait to leave) and had to stay for 5 years! Not to mention the 4 years we'd done before…ugh. I came to tolerate it and found some awesome friends who made the journey dare I say 'enjoyable' LOL! While I miss my friends greatly every day, I occasionally miss AL every now and then too 😉

  5. I can't stay up later than 11:00 either, yet when I get up to pump between 2:00 and 3:00, I get distracted by blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and before I know it, two hours have past. And I wonder why I'm tired in the mornings?!?! Oh, silly me. 🙂

  6. You'll find things to love about Georgia that aren't the duty station itself. The people, maybe a good park, or a store you frequent. SOMETHING, right?

  7. Oh honey…try Cannon Air Force Base. It's always greener on the other side…in your case, extremely green. And doesn't smell like cow shit. And maybe you don't have to clean up an inch of dirt every weekend from your house. Hang in there. There are worse places. Trust me.

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