Make New Friends (but keep the old)

If you were in Girl Scouts, I’m willing to bet you can finish that song. I remember sitting in a circle and singing that with my troop, not really understanding the words coming out of my mouth, but now they make sense. The title of this post (and the song) actually rings true for this
month’s crop of sponsors. I have had some new faces that I’ve enjoyed
getting to know, and old friends who were back for another month. “Make new friends, but keep the old…” see what I did there?

I’m switching things up a bit with the way I do this monthly sponsor spotlight. I wanted to have fun with it, and do something a little bit new, so that’s exactly what’s happening here! I gave each sponsor a questionnaire to fill out, and I loved reading their results. Check them out below and if you see any that tickle your fancy, click on through and, you know, make a new friend!



Whew! How’s that for making some new friends? I’m always trying to change up my advertising program so it’s more beneficial to not only the sponsors, but my readers as well. If you want to make some new friends next month, pop on over to my sponsorship page and see if something works for you. I’m offering 15% off any ad with the promo MAYFLOWERS throughout the month of May!


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