Talking Date {v.2}

So many things on my mind, so little time to jot them all down. Actually, jotting is exactly what I’ve been doing in my little “notes” app on my iPhone. I type in little phrases to remind me about what I want to write. For example…

+ We finally had our family pictures taken and I’m IN LOVE WITH THEM. I
open up the teasers at least once a day just to look at them. They make
me very, very happy. Now I’m trying to decide where I want to put them
around the house. I’m also debating if I want to bother sending cards
out to people. They were supposed to be our traditional belated
Christmas cards, but seeing as how they won’t get out until May, makes
me think they’re a little too belated at this point. Plus, the card
sites don’t exactly have “Happy Summer” photo card deals. (They totally
should, by the way.)

+ We are possibly the only parents in America who didn’t get their kid an Easter basket yesterday. We didn’t see the point in it, honestly. She has plenty of toys, she doesn’t eat candy, there’s no need for us to spend money on something that she doesn’t understand, plus, both sets of grandparents spoil her rotten even from far away. We’re also horrible parents for not getting her anything for Christmas or her birthday, either. Again, no need for those celebrations yet, either. Don’t you worry, we’ll jump on the bandwagon for this coming Christmas…we’re not complete Scrooges.

+ Speaking of Julia, she’s going through a crazy phase. She used to be an awesome eater, but now she hardly wants to touch food, especially when we’re sitting at a table. This didn’t go over so well while we were out of town and didn’t have the luxury of dining in the privacy of our own home. Thankfully we made it out of each restaurant in one piece, but boy is she learning to test our limits!

+ I’m picking up my DSLR again and I love it. I seem to go through phases were I want to use it all the time, and other times where I literally hide it from myself because I get overwhelmed. I want to be better than I am, and I get frustrated that I’m not that good. Then I just get lazy and use the convenience of my phone. It’s a vicious cycle.

+ And now, speaking of my phone…it’s kicking the bucket. I’ve had it for less than a year and I’m going to have to buy a new one. Stupid self for dropping it in water. Also, interesting tidbit: the town we live in sucks the battery life out of my phone. On any given day, I have to charge it at least twice to get it up past 30% (and that’s with not even using it all that much—I don’t even play any games on it!), but when we were in Savannah, it never got below 70%. Therefore, this town sucks…literally.

+ Do you use I was really good about reviewing places when we lived in Europe, and I’m getting back into the swing of things now that we’re traveling more here. I just made it to their “senior contributor” badge and feel like giving myself a pat on the back! 

Now for some links I love (all links open into a new tab):

Did you miss any of my posts? (Shameless plugs)

Okay, that’s all from me today. I hope you’re having a happy Monday!


  1. You aren't the only parents who didn't do an Easter basket! My girl was deprived too lol. Why would an 8 month old need candy anyway? (Other than an excuse for us to eat it I guess!)

  2. I was about to come here and write "You are not the only parents who didn't get their child an Easter basket" and then realized that Laura said the same thing! 🙂 We did two easter egg hunts and that's all our son got for Easter! Also, I like these talking date posts!

  3. The pictures came out great — such a photogenic family! My kids both went through phases with their eating, too. There were plenty of times where all I could get them to eat was some yogurt and a little fruit. Breakfast is always our go-to when they are protested dinner!

  4. I am SO glad I'm not the only one who didn't get their kid an Easter basket…why does she need more stuff when she can't even understand it? Ridiculous.

  5. Our kids are 10 & 9 and we didn't do Easter baskets. They both received a movie and some chocolate from their grandparents. That's it. We're mean like that!

  6. Awww, what great family photos!!! And you should NOT feel anything negative for not getting your tiny daughter Christmas and birthday gifts or an Easter basket. I didn't give my son gifts until he was 2. And Easter basket? No way. Parents are CRAZY for making every stinkin' holiday a HUGE deal with gifts and what-not. New follower here since I use my DSLR all the time and love to find others that do as well. Checking out some of the links you posted!

  7. We didn't do Easter baskets either and my daughter is 3! That's what grandparents are for right? We also didn't get her a birthday gift BUT we did throw her two parties!

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