This Week’s Eats {april 27}

I feel like we’re getting in a rut with this meal planning thing. I want to try new recipes, but I have no desire to take the time to actually find and make the new recipes; I’m also getting tired of the same stuff we eat over and over. I’m blaming the little one for the fact that I dread dinner-time lately. She throws such a fit during dinner that it’s not even enjoyable to eat. It’s just a stage (so I’ve read), but…ugh! Where did my awesome little eater go??

With that said, I haven’t had much motivation with actually planning a menu. I still manage to scribble what we come up with on our chalkboard, but that’ll probably happen tomorrow, to be honest. Yesterday I put the menu in my husband’s hands—that’s how much I don’t feel like dealing with it. At least he came up with some good meals, which are basically our old stand-by, easy favorites.

So, with all that said (and sorry for being a Debbie Downer; I’ve just gotta get my groove back in the kitchen), here’s what we’re eating this week:

Sunday: Beef and broccoli and fried rice
Monday: fajitas
Tuesday: spaghetti (squash) and meatballs
Wednesday: buffalo chicken and sweet potato fries
Thursday: grilled fish and grilled veggies
Friday: go out
*Those are all paleo versions. I need to start being more diligent about eating paleo…I’ve been doing it 50/50 lately and that needs to change. 

Jessica Lynn Writes
Jessica Lynn Writes


What are you cooking up this week?


  1. Good for you! I gave up on paleo. I'm just striving to eat clean and healthy with less dairy and gluten, but I just couldn't do it. Oh well. I made homemade biscuits this morning with coconut milk and coconut oil and self-rising flour.

  2. Cooking ruts drive me crazy — but they definitely happen. We have a fit thrower come dinner time right now, too — and yet he's always been our great eater. It comes and goes in spells. Just keep trying with her!

  3. Have you tried Pinterest? (That actually sounds like a really dumb question as I'm sure you use it…) Now granted I make 2 meals to last me a week or 2 but I haven't eaten the same thing in months because I just hit up my Pinterest board pick a new recipe or 2 & go from there. It doesn't help that I'm addicted & have over 1000 recipes on my board.

    The beef & broccoli sounds amazing though. Sorry Julia Grace is going through a picky stage.

    1. Oh, I'm a big fan of Pinterest, just kinda burnt out on picking something new every week…and since the little one's throwing some crazy fits lately, I just don't have the patience to try new recipes. Here's hoping it's just a short-lived phase!

  4. I am in a rut, too! And I haven't had the energy/motivation to do my weekly meal plan posts again yet, so I'm (gasp) not linking up this week 🙁 Right now I have two picky eaters on my hands, so it's been really hard to be motivated to make much. Add on to that the difficulty of making time to go grocery shopping (as I try to avoid doing it at any time when I'd have to take children — which leaves my lunch hours during the week), and honestly, we've been having a lot of meals made on the fly with whatever I can find in the pantry 😉 But today… I'm actually looking up ideas and making lists… Whew. Wish me luck!

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