Want, Need, MUST Have {april}

I’ve decided this particular series is actually pretty bad for my family. The problem is that I end up buying all of the things I put on here, which is not good for our wallet. I clearly didn’t need that dress from last month, but I really had to have it (it’s on its way to my house). Same goes for this months pick. I absolutely don’t need a new purse, but it’d be kinda nice to have something that I carry every day to be bright and cheery instead of the black bag I carry now. Necessities, right?

Anywho, check out what my sponsors are digging this month. I have it on good authority that several of them already bought their items, too. At least it’s not just me!

1. “I NEED this bike seat, like now. I’ve been itching to get back out
on the road, but the crazy drivers here have made it so the trailer is a
bit too scary. My toddler is going to have a BLAST on the back of my
bike this summer. I can’t wait!” {Chantal from Scattered Seashells}

2. “I found out this week that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Hamlet
next year in London.  Shakespearean literature has never sounded
so sexy.  I’ve always wanted to visit London because I’m a huge
anglophile and now I can fan girl and enjoy culture all in one
trip.” {Jennifer from Also Known As…The Wife}

3. “A few months ago my friend Erika (from Chambanachik!) sent me a pin on Pinterest to this gorgeous tulip wreath
and while I made a Moss Wreath for Spring I’m getting the itch to make this tulip wreath and swap them out! The tulips just call me name!” {Fran from Freeborboleta}”

4. “With this pregnancy (my second), everything is happening earlier,
including the ability to get comfortable while sleeping. I’m only 9
weeks and it’s already hard for me to get comfy! With Munchkin I got a regular body pillow from Target and it was a life (or maybe a sleep?!)
saver.  It was the best ten bucks I’ve ever spent.  I went looking for
the body pillow the other day but I can’t find it. In the meantime I “m
using a normal pillow and it’s just not the same!  I know I still have
the body pillow and I put it someplace for safe keeping.  If I don’t
find it soon I’m going to need to buy another one because a body pillow
while pregnancy is a MUST have!” {Poe Kitten from Many Waters}

5. “I guess, right now, it is to see and take pictures of the gargoyles at Notre Dame in Paris!” {Mrs. B from World Traveling Military Family} *Take a look at her Instagram feed, because it’s full of Paris pictures now!

6. “I’m not one to have a stash of purses in my closet; I usually buy one and it lasts me for a year or two (or longer). So it was a total impulse buy when I picked up this rose-colored bag from T.J. Maxx this week. But then I got home and thought about how great the purse would be if it was turquoise, so I looked for it, found it, and bought it online. Two impulse buys in a matter of an hour—it should arrive today. Now I’ll have of the same purses in different colors! One of them is going back, obviously, but I have no idea which one yet. Which color would you pick?{me}

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  1. I missed the sponsor part. I totally thought you were pregnant again and that I missed it because I live under a rock.


    I'm crushing on stuff for my bar cart. 😉

    1. Hahaha I had to actually go back and see what I wrote to make sure I forget to mention the sponsors!

      ….need some wine for your cart? Come visit 🙂

  2. Congrats on your 2nd pregnancy!! I really like that wreath. As soon as I have a house I plan on making wreaths for every month.

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