A {Happy} Case of the Mondays

Happy Monday to you! I don’t know why (and I’m certainly not going to question it), but my little girl is sleeping through the night again! This is a very much welcome change to her 4:30/5 am wake-ups from the past several weeks. In fact, 7:30 am was the first time I heard her make a peep for the first time; meanwhile, I got to pour myself a cup of coffee and have some quiet time. It’s the little things that help make a Monday morning not too shabby; I’m determined to make today a good day, despite the fact that my babysitter called in sick today. My new goal is to tackle my to-do list with a baby on my hip (or at least with her running around making a mess out of my clean-ish house).

Luckily, extra sleep did that baby good, because she’s been a delight all morning. She asked me to put the headband on her head (by handing me the headband and leaning forward) and then brought over her socks and asked me to put them on her hands (by trying to put them on herself.) Oh, and that adorable pink chair? That’s a yard sale find…for FIVE bucks! She’s been such a cranky-pants lately that I wanted to document a happy moment, even if it turned out a bit blurry.

So I have two questions for y’all:

  1. I need dresses that work well with nursing. I’ve already checked out Target, Old Navy, and Kohl’s—any other suggestions? I hate buying clothes online, but I really want some dresses for this summer. If you know of any good places that offer free shipping, let me know about ’em
  2. We have laminate “hard wood” flooring, and I need a good mop that won’t leave streaks. The one we have now is good, and technically works (cleans), but I’m tired of putting in the elbow grease on the floor only to have streaks left behind. Kinda counterproductive if you ask me. Any recommendations for something you love?

I found myself a new little writing gig that I’m pretty pumped about! I’m the newest contributor over at Hellobee, writing under the moniker of Mrs. Rabbit. Right now I’m just recapping some of my favorite pregnancy posts, but I’m excited to share new things over there soon. I’m also kicking myself for not picking Mrs. Bear, because then I could call myself Mama Bear and my husband would be Papa Bear. Oh well, at least I have a cute lil’ Bunny!

You guys, I know Mother’s Day was yesterday, but this commercial gets me. Oh my word, it’s just…just…perfect. #cuethetears

Also a PSA for my mom friends (or anyone who likes to shop for little kids clothes), a friend of mine is opening up a shop this Wednesday called Autumn and April. Her style is top-notch, which is putting me on pins and needles to see what she’s going to offer. Keep a close eye on her instagram account for all the info!

I didn’t feel like having eggs for breakfast this morning, so I made a “green” smoothie (that really turned purple/gray, because I also added blueberries). I’m so happy that it’s smoothie weather again. I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing I like about summer. Also Julia even liked it! {Handful of spinach, almond milk, some frozen blueberries, frozen peaches, banana (not frozen), and half of an avocado}

Since I’m having a good morning, I decided to see what’s making you happy today. Hop on over to Facebook and leave a happy moment that’s going on in your life.

Okay, that’s all from me today! I hope you all have a happy day and a great week 🙂


  1. You know me and can expect a long comment (as usual). First, because I'm nuts about green smoothies, make sure you have enough vitamin C if you're throwing in spinach – otherwise your body won't absorb all the good iron — we use orange juice and strawberries and then add greek yogurt for the protein).

    As far as dresses – any wrap dress works well for nursing. I got one from Kohls for a wedding that is great, but honestly I have a terrible time shopping, so I don't have much more to offer.

    On the flooring – we had hardwood in one of our rentals and had to use the Bona system. Not sure if it's good on laminate, too, but it's the only thing that comes to mind. Though I've found the only way to really get my floors nice and clean is the good ol' fashioned vinegar and water in a bucket with me on my hands and knees scrubbing with a rag. Not fun and harder to do, so don't inspect my floors right now (I'm a lazy maid…).

    1. I didn't know that about spinach and vitamin c; i typically throw in strawberries (no OJ or yogurt…not paleo for us!), but we ran out yesterday…getting more on Wednesday.

      I love the idea of wrap dresses, but A) my larger figure never works well with them and B) I typically find the ones that are made of polyester and not cotton, which won't work well in the Georgia heat.

      Yeah, I'm trying to avoid anything that'll actually have me on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor since our entire house is "wood" floors.

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you had such a great day! I'm even more glad that your little lady is sleeping through the night again! We've had some rough patches with sleep lately, and it is just a pain! And finally, congrats on the writing gig! I'm excited for you, and to check it out. I hope your Tuesday is as fabulous as your Monday.

  3. I think your floor streaks are coming from the hard water. When we were selling our home in GA I washed the floors by hand and still had spots!

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