Five for Friday {mother’s day edition}

Not to be confused with the popular “Five on Friday” link-up that happens each week on other blogs, this is “Five for Friday.” I used to do it weekly during our first and second year of marriage, but then life (and deployments) distracted me.

Today seems like a great day for a spontaneous Five for Friday, so that’s exactly what I’m doing:

  1. You planned a Mother’s Day week for me and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every meal so far. Speaking of Mother’s Day, thanks for letting Julia “borrow” your credit card to buy me flowers. And thanks for the card, even if it was Star Wars themed.
  2. The day my allergies hit hard and practically knocked me out, you made me take a bath after dinner to relax.
  3. You make Julia laugh uncontrollably. Watching the two of you together is easily the best part of my day.
  4. You always tell me when your plane lands, even if it lands at 2 am.
  5. The smoothie you drank this morning had spinach, banana, strawberry, peaches, mint, and….wait for it….cilantro, and you said you liked it. HA! No takesies-backsies!

p.s. i love you
p.p.s Just kidding about the cilantro…..or am I 🙂


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