Want, Need, MUST Have {may}

Apparently there’s been a bit of confusion regarding these “Want, Need, MUST Have” posts. This series is compiled by my sponsors and are not just things I want. I mean, I do typically end up wanting everything, because my sponsors have great taste, but they’re not all from me. I just like seeing what other people want in their life each month, so I figured this would be a fun way to: A) meet new people B) add things to your wish list C) find fun things!

So with that said, here’s what we’re wanting, needing, and MUST have this week!

1. “I’m so loving Annie Sloan Chalk Paint! I’ve been refinishing tons of
furniture lately & making chalkboards, I MUST get the rest of the
colors! I currently only have 7 so I need to get moving 😉 They are
expensive here in Europe though!” {Mrs. B. from World Traveling Military Family

2. “My Want, Need, MUST Have is the Mocha Frappe from McDonald’s. I hate McDonald’s
food, but there is something about their coffee that has me hooked. As a
special needs mom to two, I MUST have coffee and and when on the run
McDonald’s Mocha Frappe is my go-to.” {Kathryn from Singing Through the Rain}

3. “With a 4 1/2 year old, a 2 year old, and another
baby due in 4 months I really really want a vacation. My hubby and I
traveled a ton before we had kids, and have even managed a few trips
with the kids. But finances and schedules mean we have had to slow down.
So whether it’s Kauai,
New Zealand, Fiji, Cozumel, or heck, even just Florida at this point, a
nice, sunny vacation sounds perfect right now — especially since we
just got about 6 inches of snow in May. {Vanessa from Bible, Beer, and Babies} 

4. “After two years of working off and on decorating our house, one thing I
would love is a new rug for our den. I am stumped on how to decorate
around the one we have. Something like this would be nice! {Nicole from The Adventures of Someday and Today}

5. “It’s been a whopping three—almost four—years since I’ve had my eyes examined, which means I’m long overdue for a new prescription and some new glasses (especially since grubby little hands are always touching mine and I’m afraid they’ll break any day). My last pair (and only pair I wear) was from Warby Parker and I love my spectacles so much I want my next pair to be from there, too. Two awesome things about them: 1) buy one, give one; for every pair purchased, one is given to someone in need, and 2) they offer a home-try-on, which basically means you can pick five pairs you like and they’ll mail them so you can try them on in real life for free for five days. Now that’s what I call awesome. {me}

What about you? What are you crushing on this month? 
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  1. I need to try the chalk paint, I think. Would be great for the kids on days when they can't go outside to draw on the sidewalk — though I think my daughter would be confused on which walls she could draw on and which ones were off limits — given that the other day she colored the carpet with her markers…

    1. I love that you listed a warm vacation. That's what I said when I "sponsored" Jess back in January!

      I love the idea of chalkboards and chalkboard paint in theory, but I just see a dusty sneezy mess if we ever went through with it. Our dry erase boards and dry-erase calendar might not be "blogger picture perfect" but at least they don't make me sneeze!

  2. @Vanessa, the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I use is not like chalkboard paint to write on. You 'can' write on it but not after you seal it with wax. I use it to paint & distress furniture. I use normal chalkboard paint when turning frames into chalkboards.

  3. I've been wanting to use some chalk board paint, the kids would love it!! Coffee? That's a must. Warm vacation? Well it's supposed to be in the 90's here, so I think I'll pass right now. Although a trip to Fiji sounds amazing…I'd love some rugs as well. We have wooden flooring and it's hard on the feet/knees lately. And the eyes, yeah…I really need to have mine checked as well…Now where did I put my glasses…………………

    This is such a fun idea, Jessica! 😀

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