Adios, June!

Today’s the last day of June, which boggles my mind. In a way, I’m happy that time is moving quickly (with a deployment looming you always have a hurry up and wait mentality—I want to cherish the last month with my man, but then I want time to go by as quickly as possible). I’m also not-so-secretly thrilled that time is moving fast, because that means we’ll be closer to scarf and sweater weather. (Eighty-five days until fall, by the way.) But we still have several months before I can bust out the cooler weather garb around these parts. The heat’s clearly been on my mind lately, probably because my glasses fog up every time I step out of my car and into the Georgia swamp. Can I just say thank goodness for central air?!

Anywho, I asked my sponsors this month a series of questions and “How do you keep cool in the summer?” was one of them. My answer: I stay inside with my air conditioner turned up and go outside only if I absolutely have to. I’ve had some good feedback about these little questionnaire blurbs I’ve been doing each month for my sponsors; I’m always trying to think of new and different ways to keep things exciting and fresh around here, so I’m glad y’all like them.

And I know I say this every month, but I truly loved this group of sponsors. I made several new and lasting blog friendships and I can’t wait to keep up with them after their month on my sidebar wraps up. I highly encourage you to take your Internet reading one step further and click through to their blog—I promise you won’t be sorry!

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That’s it for this round! Don’t forget to stop by some of the blogs (and FB pages and Twitter feeds, etc.) above and get to know them a little bit more.

Want to see your face up here next month? I still have a few spaces available for July, and I’d love to work with ya—check out my sponsor page for more info!

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