Want, Need, MUST Have {june}

Is it hot in your neck of the woods yet? I got out of the car today and my glasses fogged up, which is always a sure-fire sign that I should just never get out of the car…or my centrally air conditioned home, for that matter.

I’ve gotta admit that my first pick for this month’s must-have item was going to be ice cream (a milk shake, to be more exact), but Kathryn picked it, so I went for a different option. What’s your favorite hot weather treat? I indulged in a strawberry cream slush from Sonic the other day and it tasted like heaven.

Now that we’ve discussed the heat, let’s talk about what’s really hot this month: the stuff below. If you like what you see, click on through and get to know the bloggers behind the item! While you’re at it, let me know what’s tickling your fancy this month.

1. “My want, need, must-have item this month is ice cream. For some reason I am
always craving ice cream and DQ isn’t far from where I live. It just
calls to me!” {Kathryn from Singing Through The Rain

2. “I’m still on the hunt for the perfect floral kimono, and this looks perfect for a
dressing up some shorts or over a dress, and also works as a coverup for
swimsuits!” {Alfa from Lightly Sprinkles}

3. “My little guy (and big guy) have been waiting for this movie to come out
for months. I love going to the movie as a family and I am super
excited to see How to Train Your Dragon 2. The 1st one has been one of
my 6 year old’s favorite movies.” {La’Shawn from March to December}

4. “I’m going to take over the bath duties pretty soon when the mister
heads off to play in the sandbox, and I’m a wimp when it comes to tub
time. This elbow rest is super comfy (I got to feel it at Buy Buy Baby) and I think it would come in handy.” {Me} 

5. This mug from Ashley Brooke Designs. I’ve had it on my wishlist
forever, and I’d love to have this fun mug at home or at my desk at
work! Much prettier than those standard mugs the office has! {Jess from Being Mrs. Beer}

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  1. We have 5 cartons of ice cream in our freezer, because hubby said he had to "buy 5 to save 5" — darn you kroger! Yay summer!

  2. The elbow rest looks great! I love Skip Hop! Have you seen the ones that pad the floor? I think those would be great if you kneel a lot by the tub. So far, though, I've just made due with a towel. 🙂

  3. Again, love how you present your sponsors!! That elbow rest looks life saving. You should get one for your knees. I find that area to be most painful during baths. And what a cute mug!

  4. An epic YES to "How to Tame Your Dragon 2." That will hopefully be an outing sometime next week with my husband and his family. I LOVED the first movie, and I surprised my husband on our one-year dating anniversary with tickets to the live-action version. Yes, there were real dragons. It was so cool!

  5. love your idea for must-haves list.. & the fact that you have sponsors.. does anyone know where i can find a super cute legitimate kimono?? I'm looking for 3.. 1 for me, my bestie and her mom.

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