What’s in my Purse

I love it when ladies show off what’s inside their purse. It’s like a little peek into their soul—or at least a glimpse into their real life. My favorite game to play at a wedding or a baby shower is the purse game. You know, the one where you get different points for having certain things in your purse?

Remember that Want, Need, MUST Have post I did awhile back with a purse I needed in my life? Well, I finally bought the purse (in mint instead of coral), and I LOVE it. I’m so happy I bought it. They’re actually out of the mint right now, but the coral’s still available, plus some other colors (see here). Anyway, I’m actually surprised I’ve never done a post like this
before, but since I had to empty out my purse in order to smash it into
my suitcase for my trip, I figured this would be a great time to reveal
what’s stuffed inside.

Here’s a picture of everything after I pulled it all out of my purse…

And here’s an “organized” view of the contents:

So, what’s in my purse?
one wallet
one pair of Minnie Mouse sunglasses
one banana blueberry squeeze pouch
one package of burt’s bees baby wipes
one package of wet wipes
one key chain
one menu for Jimmy John’s (not a fan of that place, by the way)
one (bottle) container filled with goldfish and cheerios 
one dime
one pack of kleenix
one ticket to stand in line at the base’s pharmacy
one business card so I can go berry picking in Georgia
one lipstick (black honey by Clinique)
one chapstick
one fortune from a fortune cookie (from, like, three weeks ago {see below})
one ricola cough drop
one empty checkbook (i’ve never used checks as much as I have in Georgia. crazy)
one applesauce squeeze pouch
two applesauce squeeze pouch lids
two Bath and Body Works anti-bacterial hand wash (one was almost empty)
two cards (old navy gift card and a debit card that I need to activate)
three pens (one’s actually a mechanical pencil, but whatever)
three coupons for Target
four tampons
five cheerios
six receipts (from kroger, mostly)

Whew! I’m actually surprised there wasn’t more random stuff in there. Do we share any of the same things? What would I find in your purse if I took a look today?


  1. I almost want to do a post just like this, but I'm honestly scared about what I will find in the bottom of my purse lol. Do all Mom's have applesauce squeeze pouches in their purses? And the lids too! Also, I love the mint color of that purse!

  2. This is a fun post! And I love your purse!

    I tend to clean out my own bag once a week or so because I get tired of hauling around extra stuff (probably because I'm already carrying a 30 lb toddler!). I have a wallet (phone and keys connected to it), a diaper clutch (wipes, diapers and a wet bag), applesauce packets, a bib, medicine and gum. If we're planning to eat out, I add a baby bowl, spoon, and a couple triangular crayons.

    Oh! And bubbles! My favorite parenting trick of all is to keep a few vials of wedding bubbles in my purse. Pulling those out is like magic – babies, toddlers and kids all love them and most adults don't mind them either. So if we're waiting somewhere and H gets grouchy, it's an easy thing to make him happy.

  3. Maybe I should do this type of post… but I think my readers might run away 😉 Ha! I have an awesome 31 bag that has a zippered pouch in the middle that I swear is like Mary Poppins' carpet bag! I can shove so much stuff in there and you'd never know I was carrying so much… maybe I really should do this type of post……..

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