How To Be A Stylish and Organized Mom {+ Giveaway}

I should probably come clean and let you know that I actually don’t know how to be a stylish or organized mom. I don’t even attempt to fake it most days. I call it a successful week if I shower twice and wear a different change of clothes at least for three separate occasions (pajamas don’t count). Oh, and if I wear my hair down and throw my contacts on, then you definitely know I’m on my A-game. When I wear makeup? That’s practically call for a celebration.

I talked about my car yesterday and how we practically live in it, and I’m here to expand on that topic a bit. I’m constantly handing the little one snacks, water bottles, and toys, and I’m always changing diapers in there. The problem is that I can never, ever, find the darn wipes when I need them. (Point in case: I just cleaned out the car before our latest road trip and found three packages of wipes throughout the car, but when I needed one earlier that day I couldn’t find a single package anywhere.)

What in the world do those two paragraphs have in common? Well, I was at my favorite store last week (Target, of course) and I picked up a few Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes that not only made me feel like a stylish mom, but (and this is the best part) it’s keeping me more organized, too. (Hashtag score!)

I recently bought a crate, put it in the trunk, and stuffed it with lots of spare diapers, water bottles, a first aid kit, a baby carrier, toys, doggie poop bags (that double as
diaper bags if a trash can isn’t close by), toys, bug spray, sunscreen, and wipes. I strapped my
Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes  to the crate so there’s now zero chance in them
leaving the area (until Julia figures out how to unbutton snaps. Why I didn’t do this long ago, I’ll never know.

You may notice that the photos from this post are taken from the trunk of my car. That’s because if we’re out and about, I typically change her diaper there. Yes, most places we visit have a changing table in the bathroom, but they weird me out (Julia’s getting too big for them, not to mention squirmy, and I hate that I never have a place to put my purse, the wipes, the diaper, etc.). The trunk, however, is the perfect spot for a diaper change, and now that I know exactly where the wipes are (and that my daughter won’t be able to fling them around the car), it’s made it even more convenient.

So why am I sharing my love for these wipes? Let me count the ways:

1. It has a strap. Straps mean it’s not going anywhere unless I move it. Yes. Yes. YES! I’m absolutely in love with the fact that this pack of wipes isn’t going anywhere unless I physically move it. We also have one attached to her stroller and one in my purse.

2. It’s refillable. Perfecto, since I like to buy wipes in bulk and (like I already mentioned) have packs of wipes all over the place.

3. Awesome packaging. The actual clutch is a soft, vinyl-type material, that’s nice to the touch. I also like that it makes it slightly more discreet since it means no more loud and crunchy noises when dealing with wipes. I can just get in there, do our business, and get on with our day.

4. Trendy, so you can be a stylish mama. They come in three cool designs, so you can pick and choose which works best with your outfit, purse, car, stroller, etc.

5. Strong and reliable. There’s nothing worse than getting some new wipes only to discover they don’t hold up to the challenge. These, thank goodness, will stand up to the poopiest of diapers—trust me on that one!

Stylish, functional, and organizational? Yup! See why I’m smitten with these? Julia digs them, too.

When I was at the store I actually picked up a couple extra clutches, because I want you to see how cool they are. So, if you want a refillable and stylish clutch for yourself, follow the Rafflecopter below and enter to win! I’ll pick two winners on July 20. This is open to anyone with a US address!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Let me know in the comments how you stay stylish as a mom!

Many thanks to Huggies for sponsoring this post and making my life a bit more stylish!


  1. I love the floral print! I also found 2 large packs of wipes after our trip to Scotland. Of course I couldn't find them IN the tent when I needed them. #epicmessyfail

  2. I keep talking about making a 'baby station' in my car and I think this is the kick in the pants I needed to do it. Love the clutch too!

  3. I saw these a couple months ago and want one so bad! Right now, we're rocking a plastic bag. 😛 And I agree, the trunk is the best place to change a diaper.

  4. Jamberry — they make me feel girly even on days when I haven't showered and just throw my hair up — like makeup I only have to apply once every 1-2 weeks!

    I can't change a diaper in the trunk of the minivan (back of the suburban, sure), but that's why we love our chicco liteway umbrella stroller – fully reclines and makes an instant changing table wherever you are!

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