#JourneyThroughDeployment Twitter Party!

Do y’all remember when I reviewed my friend Kathryn’s book, Journey Through Deployment? Well, I’m excited to tell you that it’s been made into a hard-copy book (you can still get electronic versions, but a book that you can actually flip its own pages is pretty freaking awesome)! I recently went to her book signing in town, and I’ve gotta say, it’s really cool to see your friend succeed in something like this.

So why am I telling you about the book again? Well, she’s celebrating the launch of her print edition by throwing a twitter party, and you’re invited!

As someone right in the thick of a deployment, I can tell you first-hand how wonderful this book is, and I’m excited to chat about it this coming Friday. I hope you’ll join us—we’ll be talking about deployments and military separations, and everyone is invited.

Want in? All you have to do is follow the host and co-hosts on twitter, keep up with the #JouneyThroughDeployment hashtag this Friday night starting at 9pm EST, and RSVP below!

RSVP here:

Hope to see you there! 

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