Want, Need, MUST Have {July}

You guys, I just typed “May” in the title, and when I realized it’s actually past the middle of July, I kinda freaked out that I lost my mind. I’m glad I fixed it—talk about embarrassing!

This month’s must-have post is a bit smaller than usual, but still awesome, nonetheless. My sponsors love traveling and their kids, which are two things right up my alley. Every girl needs an awesome travel piece and every mom needs a Sophie in her life (am I right or am I right?)!

1. A Vera Bradley rolling suitcase! With all the trips planned, this
thing is just the ticket to my packing woes! It’s got wheels and it’s
stylish! {Megan from History and Hockey Sticks}

2. I saw this dress
floating around Pinterest and now it’s all I can think about. It looks
incredibly flattering and I love the colors. Totally smitten with it.

3. I NEED Sophie the Giraffe. I got confused and ordered the double ring Sophie and it is just not the same! And maybe a nipple shield-teething and nursing is NO JOKE! I have never had bleeding nipples before! {Alyson from Port and Starboard Monogram}

What are you crushing on and must-have this month?

Want to be part of this must-have feature next month? 


  1. The dress is definitely super cute!!!
    My kids must be the only kids not to like sophie the giraffe, neither of them could care about that toy! They'd much rather 'teeth' on other things!

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