Make New Friends {august}

Did you know I’ve been offering sponsorship spots on my blog for a whole year now? It blows my mind that friends keep coming back and new faces keep appearing on my side bar month after month. I’m actually quite flattered, to be completely honest. THANK YOU!

Over the course of the year I’ve been trying out different things to see what works and what doesn’t work; I’m constantly evolving posts and ideas to fit my readers, my sponsors, and myself. This month is no exception, so I’m going to try a new series called “Make New Friends” and it’s going to be short and sweet. Basically, I’ll write a blurb about each of my sponsors—what I like about them and their blogs, and why you should be reading them, and then I hope you’ll go from there and do like the title says: make new friends. Besides getting our voice out there, networking and forming relationships is the other great perk of blogging, right?

Coconuts and Stripes 

Looking past the fact that I’m completely jealous of Meghan’s recent move to California, I straight up love her blog. She has that girl-next-door charm and makes you instantly like her with the way she casually chats about whatever is happening in her life—from moving to L.A. to hopping on her latest form of transportation. Not only did she spend the summer in Europe (hello, girl after my own heart), but she writes about food (you saw her guest post, right?), and she totally “had me at hello.” Meghan’s only been blogging for four months, but you never would’ve guessed that if I didn’t just tell you—she’s a natural on the big screen (the big computer screen, that is)!

Being Mrs. Beer

Jess is no stranger to this blog—perhaps it’s because we share the most common best name ever. Speaking of names, did you know that her last name really is Beer? True story. More facts about Mrs. Beer: she and her husband just became homeowners yesterday (give her a big congrats!), she’s kicking butt and taking names when it comes to weight loss, and, possibly my favorite thing about Jess and her blog, is that she writes with honesty. Whether she’s laying it all out there talking about being well-endowed (and what to do about it), talking about breastfeeding, or her latest Stitch-Fix finds, she does it with grace, humor, and a nice dose of reality.

World Traveling Military Family

When I say that Mrs. B, the voice behind WTMF is awesome, it’s because I can personally vouch for her—we actually met in real life last summer. Sadly (for me, not her), she moved far, far away to Germany where she’s now traipsing around Europe and writing all about it. Seriously, if you know anyone moving to Germany, send them to her blog. Mrs. B was born to be a travel writer—she includes so many details in every post that it makes you feel like you’re there. Check out this one on a cool barefoot park where you go through different obstacles. Sign me up! She’s also incredibly crafty, which makes me green with envy.

History and Hockey Sticks

Preschool teacher by day and Disney fan by night, Megan recently traded in her hockey sticks for plane tickets to Europe. This is good news for us, because now she and her Air Force husband now call Germany home, and she’s writing all about it! As a former expat, I dig her posts on travel, and I’m excited for all the places they’re planning on visiting.

Avon with Sylvia Wages

Y’all, if you thought having an “Avon Lady” was something for your mom and grandma, then you clearly haven’t met Sylvia or looked at a catalog in awhile. Avon is totally hot right now and I love that they have products for kids, the house, and, of course, awesome makeup. Sylvia took charge of her life and decided to start selling something she’s passionate about. She’s a fellow Air Force wife, a SAHM, and she just completed a PCS, all while keeping her business afloat. 

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