Want, Need, MUST Have {august}

Wow. It’s the middle of August and this is only my third post this month. My priorities have clearly shifted recently, making my focus 100 percent on my daughter. Unfortunately, that leaves little time for me to share my thoughts here, especially because I’m most creative in the morning, and someone likes to wake me up before the sun rises, and then loves to sit on my lap while she drinks her bottle and watches Paw Patrol. I can’t complain about that; I’m soaking up this one-on-one time as much as possible since I know this will be the only time in a very, very long while that it’ll just be the two of us.

With that said, my mom is coming into town on Saturday!!!!!!! (ALL the exclamation marks!) I already (sorta jokingly) told her I’ll be checking into a hotel for the duration of her stay. Hello, sleep and time to blog! Just kidding. But I do hope I’ll have some time to catch up on things I want to share while she’s here.

So. Yeah. There really isn’t a great transition into today’s post. (Or possibly there is, but like I said, I’m creative in the morning and it’s currently 9 pm and I’m pooped after a long day.) So here’s this month’s Want, Need, MUST Have post…full of things my sponsors are jonesing for this month and things everyone should add to their wish list.

1. Jess, from Being Mrs. Beer, would “LOVE a new band for my Fitbit flex. This little device has
been a game-changer for me in terms of getting healthier, and making it
just a bit more stylish would be so fun. Now the question is…fuchsia
or navy?”

2. Meghan, from Coconuts and Stripes, is “daydreaming about riding one of these public bikes in yellow along the beach in Santa Monica.

3. You’ll think I’m crazy, but I saw this pizza sleeping bag
on pinterest and I said, “YES!” Truthfully, I don’t actually want it,
but I want what it symbolizes: sleep and pizza. Sleep, because…duh.
And pizza, because it’s perfect. I specifically want pizza from here or here. Neither are obtainable, which makes me a sad pregnant woman.
4. “We ended up touring a city this week in the pouring rain,” says Megan, from History and Hockey Sticks, “And
it was a nightmare trying to always be tucking my massive cannon camera
under my jacket, because I didn’t have a place to store it! This bag would be perfect for our next outing.”
5. Mrs. B, from World Traveling Military Family, really wants a large Vera Bradley travel duffel bag! “I need it for when we fly Space-A so I can put all our blankets
& pillows in it, the bag I was using this time didn’t hold up. Plus I
seen several ladies traveling with them and they looked so cute! And
I’m sure I’ll be able to use it for our road trips as well!”
Okay, now it’s your turn: what do you have your eye on this month?!
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