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15, 16, and 17 Weeks {Bumpdates}

I’m trying something different with documenting this pregnancy. I just don’t have the time or energy to set up my camera, take a whole bunch of pictures, make sure my letter to the baby fits on the picture, and then edit everything like I did last time. So this is the next best solution, especially since I have no desire to clean the bathroom each week and take a selfie in the mirror. I figure I’ll do it this way until my husband comes home and then he can take a picture from the front so we can all see the bump grow that way in the third trimester. Sound like a plan? I hope so!

 Dear PJ,
You’re currently the size of a pomegranate and/or a sweet potato, and according to all the apps I read, I should start to feel kicks any day now. I can feel you wiggle around sometimes, but I’m anxiously awaiting those first kicks and nudges. Someone should have told me to be more lazy last time, because now I have to apologize upfront for the fact that documenting my pregnancy with you won’t be as elaborate as it was with your sister. I just don’t have the time or energy to do all of that right now; I hope you’ll understand!

This pregnancy with you is going by both at a snails pace and faster than the speed of light. I truly thought I was going to be stuck in the first trimester forever, but here I am, weeks away from being at the halfway mark and less than three weeks away from finding out if you’re a boy or a girl! No inklings yet from me on what parts I think you have, but I’m on pins and needles to find out so I can start referring to you as a “he” or a “she,” and you know, pick out a great name for you…and go shopping!
Most days now I forget that I’m pregnant—not to say that I forget about you, just that this is different from the last time. I had cravings in the first trimester (tangy, salty, tart, and spicy foods), but they’ve all pretty much subsided, and I’m so tired from watching over your sister that I’m definitely getting a good night’s rest almost every night. My heartburn is at a minimum for now, and my bump isn’t so big that I’m running into things yet. I am very eager for it to get cooler around here, though, because most of my maternity clothes are for the fall and winter, and it’s still very much summertime around here.

Your Papa is currently working in another country, so it’s just the three of us here (four if you count Bella). He asks about you every day and always tells me that he loves you, but you won’t hear his voice around here for another couple months. Until then, you’re stuck with me and your sister (she loves to give my belly kisses, by the way)!

Love, love, love you!
Your Mama
P.S. PJ, by the way, is our nickname for you while we ponder an actual name. I thought it
stemmed from “Pickles Junior,” which is what we called your sister
before she was born, but your Papa thinks it’s for “Poopers Junior,” his
nickname for your sister now. Basically, my definition of “PJ” is the
correct one, because I’m the one carrying you for the 9+ months. Mama’s always right—start learning how to say that now and we’ll get along just fine! Okay, I love you again! Okay, bye 🙂


  1. I love how you're doing the belly pics 🙂 and every pregnancy gets documented a boy differently, so don't feel guilty 🙂 can't wait to hear if PJ is a boy or girl!!!

  2. Love this and how Julia makes an appearance in some of them.

    I took a lot of selfies my second time around 🙂

    PJ is a cute nickname!!

  3. Cute! Love how you're doing the belly pics!! And PJ is a cute nickname – one of the possible names we have picked out would actually lend itself to the nickname PJ haha

  4. I loved the bumpdates and the "view from above" angle that you're taking. It will be fun to watch your feet gradually disappear under that bump. Well, maybe "fun" isn't the best word. Glad you are feeling and sleeping well! Can't wait to hear if you're having a boy pickle or a girl pickle 🙂

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