Blogging is My Cardio

Other than chasing around my toddler and wrestling with her when it comes to diaper changes (spoiler alert: potty training starts in three weeks, and I seriously can’t wait), blogging is my cardio. Although I recently started letting my feet hit the treadmill at the gym (and it feels oh, so good to break a sweat again and to get those endorphins flowing), my fingers get the most exercise whenever they grace the black keys on my MackBook Air.

This weekend they worked overtime while I was at the Type-A Conference in Atlanta. Much, much more on that later this week—like a recap—but first, I just want to say how motivated and inspired I always feel after walking away from a blog conference.

It’s so comforting to be surrounded by other like-minded people who get it. They understand how this hobby can be so much more than just a hobby. They recognize that even though we’re parents, we also have this nugget on the Internet, and it helps fulfill who we are. They get the numbers game, and the need—the longing—for comments, interaction, and engagement on posts. They’re encouraging and so full of ideas, tips, and tricks that a conference could easily last a week.

I leave these conferences with a bag full of swag, a stack of new business cards to go through with people and brands to connect with, a mind full of ideas I want implement, and new prospects I need to seek out. I learned that I need to value myself more as a writer and a blogger. As someone who craves engagement on all platforms (blog, facebook, instagram, twitter, etc.), I need to be the change I want to see, and that starts with going back to blogging basics: commenting. My goal is to do a better job on commenting on more posts/tweets/pictures and, in turn, respond to emails/posts/tweets/pictures.

So that’s where I’m at today, the day after the conference. I’m filled with motivation and inspiration, and I’m ready to give my fingers a workout. But first, I need a nap. I forgot how tiring and mentally exhausting conferences are!


  1. Um, yes, blogging is totally my cardio. Although Dan and I did ride our bikes to Kroger yesterday, which is like a whole two or three blocks from our house. So… progress?

    I would love to attend a blogging conference!!! The problem is trying to find one close enough to me, that's short enough, that I wouldn't have to take time off work. Our vacation days are fiercely protected because we have so much that we want to do! Not to mention a million weddings to attend every year. 😉

  2. Blogging can definitely get your heart rate going especially when you are full of motivation and dreams. I can't wait for my first conference in a few weeks. TypeA seems like one I definitely need to add to my list of Must Attends…

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